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Customs in a sentence

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Sentence count:205+38 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-05-19Updated:2017-05-19
Synonym: customcustoms dutyimpostSimilar words: customs dutycustoms officercustomaccustomcustomercustomizecustomarycustom houseMeaning: ['kʌstəm] n. money collected under a tariff. random good picture
1. So many countries, so many customs
2. We cleared customs by five o'clock.
3. They assimilated their customs and behavior to the new environment.
4. Travel will acquaint us with new customs.
5. Customs have made their biggest ever seizure of heroin.
6. Many of us conform to the outdated customs laid down by our forebears.
7. The Customs have seized large quantities of smuggled heroin.
8. Some strange customs have survived from earlier times.
9. Customs and excise receipts rose 2.5 per cent.
10. The customs official beckoned the woman to his counter.
11. Funeral customs vary with different religions.
12. He was arrested when customs officers found drugs in his bag.
13. Every country has its customs.
14. The customs are looking for such things as drugs or alcohol.
15. Several customs officials have been accused of colluding with drug traffickers.
16. The Customs have found heroin hidden in freight.
17. The car slowed down as they passed Customs.
18. Our customs vary from place to place.
19. They went through our luggage at the customs.
20. He refused to conform to the local customs.
20. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
21. The guide offers information on local customs.
22. The customs officer inspected my passport suspiciously.
23. The customs official rummaged through the contents of his briefcase.
24. What's the maximum amount of wine you're allowed to take through customs duty - free ?
25. It is difficult to get used to another country's customs.
26. He had an unrivalled knowledge of south Arabian society, religion, law and customs.
27. Skull and crossbones stickers on the drums aroused the suspicion of the customs officers.
28. The boat races during the Dragon Boat Festival are traditional customs to attempts to rescue the patriotic poet Chu Yuan. Chu Yuan drowned on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month in 277 B.C. Chinese citizens now throw bamboo leaves filled with cooked rice into the water. Therefore the fish could eat the rice rather than the hero poet. This later on turned into the custom of eating tzungtzu and rice dumplings.
29. He must be a newcomer to town and he obviously didn't understand our local customs.
30. You will be able to take ten dozen bottles free of duty through customs.
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