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Customarily in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2017-04-28Updated:2017-04-28
Similar words: customarycustomcustomeraccustomcustomizeprimarilyaccustomedcustoms dutyMeaning: [-mərɪlɪ] adv. by custom; according to common practice. random good picture
1. the geographic route along which birds customarily migrate.
2. Customarily, a grand jury will hand up an indictment before that date.
3. Guide books customarily take a lesser role, informing the traveller and listing things to see.
4. Pardons initiated by the White House customarily are granted by presidents outside the regular procedures established by law.
5. Such old people customarily exhibit behaviour which is extraordinarily difficult to tolerate and which raises a high level of anxiety.
6. Customarily, the authority is only usually involved at the final stages when approval to go ahead is required.
7. Customarily we randomly select 20 to 30 percent of the historical data and put it aside prior to constructing the training set.
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8. Marriages in medieval Europe were customarily arranged by the families.
9. TAIL : Customarily docked or natural bobtail.
10. The Republic of Vanuatu Police Force Maritime Wing customarily only respond to emergency situations such as search and rescue operations.
11. This is customarily in the center of the map at the top tip of the diamond.
12. Small mites(Tropilaelaps clareae) customarily parasitized solely on the larval and pupal of honeybee in the brood comb.
13. The current syntax tagging models are customarily based on PSG(Phrase Structure Grammar) or DG(Dependency Grammar), but all have some shortcomings.
14. Mooncakes are customarily circular in shape, but rectangular cakes are gaining in popularity.
15. The term customarily takes in both the fuel and the oxidizer.
16. Customarily,[] men have shied away from close relationships in which they confide in others.
17. The auditor's opinion is customarily conveyed in the form of an audit report to those recipients of the financial statements for whose benefit he is appointed, usually the shareholders of a company.
18. British mortgages have customarily been at variable short - term rates, closely tied to the Bank's base rate.
19. Anyone who has traveled in Third World countries is aware that the favors of public officials are customarily and blatantly for sale.
20. Billy had heard that one man in each firing squad was customarily given a rifle loaded with blank cartridge.
21. He even refers to himself with the normal personal pronouns instead of the special ones customarily reserved exclusively for the emperor.
22. Severe nuclear damage indicated by pyknosis and karyolysis are customarily taken as evidence of cell necrosis.
23. See, this was one of the few place in Europe where they ate octopus customarily.
24. The first of April is commonly known as April Fools' Day, and it is customarily on this day to play a trick on a friend.
25. In warm weather, 6th president of the United States John Quincy Adams customarily went skinny-dipping in the Potomac River before dawn.
26. On Vessel -The Owners shall pay all dues, charges and taxes customarily levied on the Vessel, howsoever the amount thereof may be assessed.
27. A link file is simply any file named, where id is customarily the ID of the root feature being referenced.
28. This is important not only because it means that global warming could alter the ecotoxicity of lead, but also because Daphnia experiments are customarily done at a single temperature in each study.
29. Some character properties are independent of the context in which the character is used, for example, whether or not a character is customarily used as a numerical digit.
30. The inertial mass and gravitational masses of a body are customarily set equal for convenience.
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