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Consummate in a sentence

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Sentence count:153+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-12Updated:2017-01-12
Synonym: arrantcompletecompleteconsummatedouble-dyedeverlastinggrossmasterfulmasterlyperfectpuresoddingstaringstarkthoroughgoingunadulterateduttervirtuosoSimilar words: summationconsumeconsumerconsumingconsumptionsummaryconsultteammateMeaning: ['kɒnsəmeɪt] v. 1. fulfill sexually 2. make perfect; bring to perfection. adj. 1. having or revealing supreme mastery or skill 2. perfect and complete in every respect; having all necessary qualities 3. without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers. random good picture
1. He acted the part with consummate skill.
2. He's a consummate athlete/gentleman/liar.
3. She dealt with the problem with consummate skill.
4. He won the race with consummate ease .
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5. With consummate skill, she steered the conversation away from any embarrassing subjects.
6. He played the shot with consummate skill.
7. Those familiar with Sanders call him a consummate politician.
8. De Gaulle conducted his strategy with consummate skill .
9. Mata, a consummate politician, seemed to enjoy his powerful administrative role as middleman between the communities and the private sector.
10. Levinson demonstrates consummate ease with this material.
11. As the consummate political scold, he delighted in skewering all office holders, finding them full of posture and pretension.
12. Herons are consummate finders and catchers of fish.
13. He is a consummate wine taster.
14. Rick Williams is the consummate weekend warrior.
15. On refusing to consummate the marriage she was brought before the prior of Huntingdon.
16. These are consummate performances of neo-bop, and Ambrosetti plays with real imagination and passion.
17. We didn't consummate the marriage for two weeks and only then because she was pressurised into it.
18. A trustee was appointed to consummate the sale.
19. The consummate aerospace industry outsider has finally cemented his place in the fraternity.
20. She was a consummate performer.
21. Nevertheless(, Ramsay's consummate sense of pictorial design remains as powerful as ever.
22. Wagner's "Tristan und Isolde" is one of the consummate masterpieces of German opera.
23. He had done it with consummate aplomb.
24. It was a gap he was to fill with consummate skill.
25. Staying on an independent label had maintained their credibility and an album of itchy, irresistible pop was consummate for most observers.
26. He also realized that it would be chaste, that he would never physically consummate this love and that was fine.
27. Illustrations produced by any package can be transferred with consummate ease to another.
28. They led a well-orchestrated attack and found their target with consummate ease.
29. Everything said at this foolish board meeting unwittingly points to Scott's consummate grasp of the essentials of television.
30. But they concede that settlement agreements over penalties can take months longer to consummate.
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