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Ramshackle in a sentence

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Sentence count:35+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-09Updated:2017-03-09
Similar words: hacklescackletacklecrackleficklesicklehecklefreckleMeaning: ['ræm‚ʃækl] adj. in deplorable condition. 
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1) They entered the shop, which was a curious ramshackle building.
2) They joined with a ramshackle alliance of other rebels.
3) The opposition criticized the government's ramshackle economic policies.
4) We need to reorganize this ramshackle system.
5) Nailed over the doorway of the ramshackle clapboard frontage of the building was a large rectangular sign.
6) No one had lived in the ramshackle farmhouse for years.
7) It also is jeopardizing the transformation of this ramshackle beach hangout into a sparkling upscale resort.
8) The ramshackle eight-seater at first did not take off because of a storm after which a pilot could not be found.
9) The trucks were so ramshackle that it was amazing they could move at all.
10) The University buildings were old, ramshackle and black with soot.
11) The ramshackle Whitley Council negotiating machinery is the other reason why the ambulance workers have lost out.
12) I stalked amongst the booths and ramshackle dwellings built against the wall.
13) The ramshackle bus-boat back to Tekek around the northern tip of the island takes three hours, the same as the walk.
14) They are living in a ramshackle old farmhouse in the woods.
15) We may close our eyes tightly against the ramshackle buildings all about and transpose ourselves to the top of Mount Pitt.
16) Ramshackle curtains cover warped window panes.
17) He told us of families who had built ramshackle premises on unused land only to see them bulldozed.
18) Their first car was a ramshackle affair.
19) These ramshackle buildings have fallen down.
20) Families lived in ramshackle huts . Electricity and fresh water were scarce . Unemployment was rampant.
21) At the big ramshackle Baffles Hotel Rule dropped their bags.
22) A ramshackle old tumbledown condition.
23) After they had deposited their bags at the hotel, itself ramshackle and run-down(, they had gone on to the hospital.
24) Travellers journeying into the town no longer look out on an industrial wasteland the ramshackle legacy of Darlington's past.
25) The blue van, driven by Latowa, pulled up outside a tall, ramshackle house, long ago turned into bedsitters.
26) The only original thing at Ferry Farm today is a ramshackle shed where young George may have studied surveying.
27) The aim was to attract intelligent revolutionaries disgusted by the ramshackle right-wing local Labour Party and the once influential Communist Party.
28) The shepherds from the village of Debelde, a collection of ramshackle houses,[] have stayed with their flocks.
29) A woman sells skintight spandex miniskirts and gaudy, patterned blouses from behind a flowery curtain in her ramshackle apartment.
30) The appropriate out - of - controlness started on a ramshackle ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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