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Constitutive in a sentence

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Similar words: constitutionconstitutionalconstitutionallyunconstitutionalconstitutionalityconstitutionalismconstituteunited states constitutionMeaning: adj. constitutional in the structure of something (especially your physical makeup). 
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1. Poverty is a constitutive element of a particular form of economic growth as much as it is a product of economic recession.
2. The presented constitutive model and developed integration general purpose FE program MARC by user subroutine HYPELA.
3. Perhaps constitutive equation has to be fortified by experimental evidence.
4. Then, the formula of viscoelastic integral relaxation constitutive relation is educed and applied to the program.
5. Its constitutive requirements should include: divorce, damages, delictum, causality between divorce and damages.
6. An elastoplasticity damage constitutive model (EPDI model) was developed to unitedly characterize monotonic and cyclic behavior of interface between structure and coarse grained soil.
7. Furthermore, the correspondency of constitutive relationship between proposed equation and experimental data is verified by a set of figures.
8. The constitutive expression vector of the present invention is inducible plasmid vector with regulating gene eliminated or deleted.
9. Chapter 2 discusses constitutive requirements of the victim's promise. "
10. The classic plastic constitutive relation, multi-yield surface constitutive relation and over-stress viscoplastic constitutive relation are a special example of this constitutive relation.
11. The suitability of the novel 5parameter timedependent constitutive equation to the characterization of blood viscoelasticity and thixotropy has been studied in detail.
12. The act according with constitutive requirements has illegality under common circumstance.
13. Under the assumption of equivalent strain a damage constitutive model is established based on Mohr - Coulomb criterion.
14. At the same time[], the concrete nonlinear constitutive relation and multiaxial.
15. Finally, boundary conditions and constitutive equations which satisfy the principle of objectivity are obtained for polarizable and magnetizable thermo-elastic solids.
16. There are, however, even more important considerations to be made regarding the general constitutive relation.
17. According to our findings, the inducible enzyme may display an activity four to five times higher than that of the constitutive enzyme.
18. How can one possibly advance a social explanation for practices whose very constitutive principle is their independence from society?
19. The overlayer model is a powerful library of rheological models, and the procedure of determining the parameters of the overlayer model is also the procedure of identifying the constitutive relation.
20. The paper establishes damage autofrettage model of ultra-high pressure vessel tube, based on material damage constitutive equation, from thermodynamically basis of damage theory and damage variable.
21. As a special background of legal and acted as the constitutive law, The Statute Law of Qing dynasty had an important effect to the Law Merchant.
22. Then a simple analytical formula is obtained, which expresses the constitutive relation between polarization P and loading electric field E of ferroelectric materials.
23. Then we can get the math model of the two kind of constitutive models' heat-mechanics coupling problem by using the balance equation, the heat exchange equation and the constitutive equation.
24. Based on rheologic test results, a new epoxy resin constitutive equation was proposed with mathematical justification.
25. And then the governing equations of the block dynamic system are deduced on the basis of the virtual work principle, the deformation compatibility condition and the constitutive relations.
26. Legal fiction has a variety of forms which generally can be divided into three categories: descriptive fiction, interpretative fiction and constitutive (constructive) fiction.
27. The main factors such as pressure, the third invariant of stress tensor, strain hardening and softening, stain rate and tensile damage have been taken into account in the constitutive model.sentencedict .com
28. The family discipline clan regulations research was analyzes China ancient times legal polytrophic, the hierarchical and the constitutive characteristic essential link and the content.
29. The inductive ADH was found to be indistinguishable from its constitutive form in the wild type in regard to electrophoretic mobility.
30. Foam silicone rubber is a typical porous material whose constitutive behaviors are attributed to the hyperelastic properties.
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