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Prostitution in a sentence

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Sentence count:155+4 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-07Updated:2017-03-07
Similar words: prostituteinstitutionrestitutionconstitutioninstitutionalconstitutionalunconstitutionalconstitutionalismMeaning: [‚prɑstɪ'tuːʃn /‚prɒstɪ'tju-] n. offering sexual intercourse for pay. random good picture
1. Prostitution is illegal in some countries.
2. There is a longstanding prostitution trade in the port.
3. Some turned to prostitution in order to survive.
4. Many women were forced into prostitution.
5. Beset by drug problems, prostitution, violence and vandalism, this is one of the most unpleasant areas in the city.
6. Poverty drove her to prostitution.
6. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
7. He refused the job, saying it would be prostitution of his talents.
8. Young girls were ensnared in prostitution rings.
9. This area is infamous for drugs and prostitution.
10. She says that legalising prostitution will only cause problems.
11. Prostitution is on the increase in the city.
12. They were jailed for running a protection/prostitution racket.
13. Her article lifts the lid on child prostitution.
14. Does the computer then disclose their conviction for prostitution?
15. Both specific and general laws on child prostitution exist.
16. Some sell their children into slavery or prostitution.
17. These days, though, there is virtually no prostitution in Balsall Heath(, and the streets are deserted at night.
18. Surely marriage and prostitution are separate and it insults marriage to infer that they thrive on one another?
19. Here, girls are often forced into prostitution because they have no other means of earning money.
20. Criminal gangs control all the drugs, gambling and prostitution in the city.
21. Parents allow children to be involved in prostitution because they bring in money.
22. The new legislation is intended to stamp out child prostitution.
23. He was arrested on suspicion of having solicited girls to prostitution.
24. Two of them, mantua-making and millinery, he explicitly linked with prostitution.
25. Clearly also the rise of urbanism brought a concomitant rise of crime and prostitution.
26. Here the taxi dance hall represented little more than clandestine prostitution.
27. Indeed, social morality leaders came to believe that earlier marriages would discourage resort to prostitution.
28. Teenagers like Kelly say the tough fines have trapped her into a life of prostitution.
29. But if they have not already been forced into prostitution by the time they reach Arizona, they soon will be.
30. At a meeting of the Royal Medical Society in 1860 he gave his own gloss on the prostitution debate.
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