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Constituted in a sentence

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Similar words: constitutereconstituteunited states constitutionconstitutionconstitutionalconstitutionallyunconstitutionalconstitutionalityMeaning: ['kɒnstɪtjuːt] adj. brought about or set up or accepted; especially long established. 
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1) A committee was constituted to investigate into.
2) They felt that our discussions with other companies constituted a breach of/in our agreement.
3) A committee was constituted to investigate into that.
4) Selling goods constituted a breach of regulation 10B.
5) The committee was constituted in 1974 by an Act of Parliament.
6) The committee ruled that the US ban constituted an infringement of free trade.
7) Governments should be constituted by the will of the people.
8) The court constituted him legal guardian of the child.
9) He seemed to have constituted himself our representative.
10) The committee had been improperly constituted, and therefore had no legal power.
11) The committee is constituted of members of all three parties.
12) On 6 July a People's Revolutionary Government was constituted.
13) The accused will appear before a specially constituted military tribunal.
14) As such, it has not hitherto constituted a particularly significant form of protest either numerically or politically.
15) Civil society is constituted by the social relationships and processes outside paid employment and not immediately affected by the state.
16) These years clearly constituted a period of transition.
17) The burgesses constituted a growing challenge to the social relations of feudalism.
18) It is constituted by a set of problems which are approached using concepts and theories generated by disciplinary work.
19) Perhaps the argument that constituted the most serious threat to Copernicus was the so-called tower argument.
20) In the same way that matter is constituted of fundamental particles, antiparticles are the building blocks of antimatter.
21) I thought this constituted revenge of a fairly high order, thought it all out in advance.
22) The Federation was constituted in 1949.
23) The Roscoe-Rathbone circle in Liverpool constituted a somewhat similar predominantly Unitarian intellectual-literary-reformist complex.
24) The court concluded that this pattern of behavior threatened working relationships that were vital to maintaining school operations and thus constituted insubordination.
25) The Divisional Court concluded that nothing in that statement of facts constituted a threat,( and the conviction was quashed.
26) A spirit of nationalism, national self-conscious ness, and loyalty to constituted authority were in embryonic evidence.
27) It is necessary to remind ourselves that involvement in the project constituted a significant staff-development exercise in its own right.
28) I told him also that Britain's only strategic weapon would be the minimum deterrent constituted by Trident.
29) The Subject is the category that marks the place that the individual must fill to be constituted as a subject.
30) Investigations into law enforcement officers' behavior were reduced, though they still constituted a large part of the case load.
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