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Accuracy in a sentence

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Sentence count:251+8 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-21Updated:2016-12-13
Antonym: inaccuracyincorrectnessSimilar words: accurateaccuratelyoccuraccusethe accusedconspiracymeritocracyaccusationMeaning: ['ækjʊrəsɪ] n. 1. the quality of being near to the true value 2. (mathematics) the number of significant figures given in a number. 
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(1) He aimed at accuracy and perfection.
(2) For the sake of historical accuracy, please permit us to state the true facts.
(3) I doubt the accuracy of his statement.
(4) Check your work to insure its accuracy.
(5) I doubt the accuracy of your statement.
(6) The needle has to be positioned with pinpoint accuracy.
(7) Accuracy is not always compatible with haste.
(8) At first he insisted on the accuracy of his account, however, he agreed with what I said.
(9) The latest missiles can be fired with incredible accuracy.
(10) You may depend on the accuracy of the report.
(11) He's a stickler for detail/accuracy/efficiency.
(12) We cannot guarantee the accuracy of these figures.
(13) The computer will calculate your position with pinpoint accuracy.
(14) The pilots bombed strategic targets with pinpoint accuracy.
(15) We are hoping to improve the accuracy of our forecasts.
(16) You can rely on the topographical accuracy of these maps.
(17) He passes the ball with unerring accuracy.
(18) The missiles can hit targets with pinpoint accuracy.
(19) The translation sacrifices naturalness for the sake of accuracy.
(20) Great care is taken to ensure the accuracy of research data.
(21) He aimed at accuracy.
(22) He could predict with unerring accuracy what the score would be.
(23) Check the accuracy of everything in your CV.
(24) These refinements have increased the machine's accuracy by 25%.
(25) They questioned the accuracy of the information in the file.
(26) His drawings are remarkable for their accuracy.
(27) She took the gun and blazed away with calm and deadly accuracy.
(28) It is possible to predict the outcome with reasonable accuracy.
(29) The missiles are capable of a very high degree of accuracy.
(30) It will be many years before anyone can predict a hurricane's behavior with much accuracy.
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