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Solving in a sentence

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Sentence count:178+10 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-20Updated:2017-03-20
Similar words: revolvingkelvinsolveabsolvesolventresolvedissolvesolvencyMeaning: [sɑlv /sɒlv] n. finding a solution to a problem. 
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1. He played a leading role in solving the problem.
2. Those facts were influential in solving the problem.
3. We knew her competence in solving problems.
4. She got no credit for solving the problem.
5. She appealed to his mastery for help in solving her problem.
6. She preached economy as the best means of solving the crisis.
7. There are many ways of solving the problem.
8. These measures should go far towards solving the problem.
9. A lot of brainpower went into solving the problem.
10. The new law goes a long way towards solving the problem.
11. Is there any way of solving these problems?
12. Somehow he again made a mistake in solving the mathematical problem.
13. Solving this problem has taken all my brain power.
14. She succeeded in solving the problem after hard work.
15. I could not find a way of solving the equation.
16. The police are close to solving the mystery of the missing murder weapon.
17. Are you sure there isn't any way of solving this problem?
18. Have another crack at solving this puzzle.
19. Don't involve me in solving your problems!
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20. He had a try at solving the problem.
21. Police are still no nearer to solving the crime.
22. We are no further forward in solving the crime.
23. We advocate solving international dispute by negotiation, instead of appealing to arms.
24. Increased interactionbetween different police forces would improve the rate of solving crimes.
25. They hoped to enlist the help of the public in solving the crime.
26. We spent a whole hour talking around the problem before looking at ways of solving it.
27. We discussed the problem but we didn't get much further in actually solving it.
28. It is questionable whether this is a good way of solving the problem.
29. Much of the time we do not notice that we are solving problems.
30. Mr Nicholas made his emotional plea for help in solving the killing.
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