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Transient response in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2023-04-30Updated:2023-04-30
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(1) For ( ii ) the transient response is required.
(2) The transient response of delaminated composite laminate under low velocity is discussed in the present paper.
(3) Modal transient response method is used to get the dynamic characters of helical gear on impact excitation . Appropriate reference is provided for optimization of helical transmission system.
(4) The dynamic equation of the transient response in a cracked rotor system was modelled, the numerical simulation solutions of the uncracked rotor and the cracked rotor were obtained.
(5) But in the steering transient response test , the vehicle has comparatively huge rise space.
(6) Plastic dashpots reflecting the material transient response and Newton dashpots mirroring the material viscosity are introduced to describe the viscoplasticity of slip systems.
(7) The transient response of the arbitrary shaped conductor and wire composite object is analyzed by the time-domain integral equation (TDEFIE).
(8) The transient response of a shunt-peaked compensated video stage, with shunt resistance across the peaking coil, is analysed.
(9) Fast transient response speed, tiny overcharge voltage, programmable output voltage and small ripple voltage are the characteristics of the circuit.
(10) So, we can adjust the transient response by adjusting the poles of a closed - loop system.
(11) The study of random load and transient response for rear frame of shovel loader model ZL50 using modern test means and data processing is discussed.
(12) Experimental results indicate that the system has fast transient response and good current - sharing performance.
(13) The steady-state error is the error after the transient response has decayed(, leaving only the continuous response.
(14) The equivalent impedances of inductor and capacitor in transient response were deduced from the exponential transient solution and the volt ampere relation of these elements.
(15) The time domain transient response and synchronous and average power spectrum are analyzed.
(16) Because of this the technique of Laplace transformation is relevant to deducing the transient responses of networks.
(17) In the case of fluid load the radial displacement in transient response mode tends to zero, and the porewater pressure varies relatively smoothly.
(18) In this paper an analytical expression of the Ct transient response curve of a MOS structure has been derived under the condition that the surface generation rate can be regarded a constant.
(19) Care should be taken in applications where the duty cycle can change rapidly, such as transient response, which can result in erratic operation or damage.
(20) The experimental results agree well with the theoretical predictions, and on this qasis, the effect of bandtailing on the transient response time of spontaneous emission Is discussed.
(21) Its benefits is to reduce the phase delay, thus reducing the phase distortion speaker, improved transient response of the speaker.
(22) Simulation shows that the system has good transient and stationary character. It has an enough fast transient response and an extremely small overshot under excitation of a step function.
(23) Class A, discrete, transformerless preamplifier for transparency, extremely fast transient response and no crossover distortion.
(24) Experimental results prove that the proposed control scheme can achieve not only low THD during steady-state operation but also fast transient response subject to load step change.
(25) In order to increase computation speed and accuracy of transient response, the algorithms based on fast Fourier transformation were constructed[], and the essence of the algorithms were also explored.
(26) Multi - Channel interleaving makes it possible to use small inductance to improve transient response of the VRM.
(27) The rate gyro feedback provides positive dynamic stability and well - damped transient response to commands or disturbances.
(28) Reservoir geometry significantly influences the flow field and consequently the pressure transient response reservoir fluid flow.
(29) The dynamic analysis include natural vibration analyse, harmonic response analyse and transient response analyse.
(30) The advantages of the proposed active power filter are low cost, small size and transient response.
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