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Terrigenous in a sentence

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(1) The main sediments are made up of terrigenous clastic deposits. Other resedimented clastic constituents are: ooid, fossil clasts, plant clasts and glauconite, etc.
(2) The terrigenous elastic gravity flow deposits are more significant due to its great thickness and broad distribution extent.
(3) Paleocene - Eocene terrigenous deposits, deposited in grabens and half-grabens, constituted the lower tectonic layer of the sedimentary basins of South China Sea.
(4) Corresponding source materials were algae, desMonollinite related to terrigenous plant, the soluble asphaltene and non-hydrocarbon organic matter preserved in gypSolyte environment.
(5) There is a close relation between the terrigenous clastic rock and the plate tectonics.
(6) What does the terrigenous sediment consist of?
(7) Mesozoic- Neozoic terrigenous sequence of Biyang fault-depression in Nanxiang Basin, is treated as a case to study influential factors of terrigenous sequence formation and development.
(8) OC was mainly terrigenous input, and ON was mainly terrigenous input in surface sediments but marine autogenic in the lower layer of sediment cores.
(9) The extremely poor mineralization occurred in the late clastic sedimentary stage, and corresponds to the sedimentation process of the terrigenous clastics.
(10) And every lithological member is composed of the lower gypsiferous salt bed and the upper terrigenous clastic rock,[] which belongs to the lacustrine sediment.
(11) C/N ratio in sediments, indicating the mixed source, reflects the possible influence of terrigenous organic matter input on the surface productivity.
(12) It is shown from the analysis results of grain size data that the sediments from the northern Okinawa Trough are mixture of terrigenous materials and volcanic ash during the Holocene epoch.
(13) This paper describes that the lacustrine carbonate of lower Tertiary Sha- hejie Formation in Bohai Bay is mostly terrigenous elastics-carbonate mixture rock.
(14) As cement, authigenic mineral or vein, dawsonite is found not only in marine dolomite and oil shale, but also in terrigenous fragmentary rock and coal measures.
(15) Fluoranthene, perylene, pyrene benzopyrene and benzopyrene have been proposed as the input of terrigenous higher plant.
(16) Benxi formation belongs to barrier island-tidal flat sedimentology system of terrigenous clasts coast. Reservoir sedimentary facies is mainly barrier island sedimentary.
(17) Based on the statistics of core analysis data, the Oligocene sediment is simplified as four formation components: terrigenous elastic minerals, carbonate, clay minerals, and porosity.
(18) Its Outangdi Formation of the Upper Carboniferous system occurs as mixed deposits of terrigenous clastics and carbonate.
(19) Palaeoclimatical cyclic transformation which is an important factor to control the development of terrigenous sequence was caused by the orbit cycle (namely, Milankovitch hypothesis).
(20) The ocean nepheloid layers are both the pathway for transporting the terrigenous materials to the seabed and the residence place of sinking and resuspended particulate matters.
(21) The distribution pattern is also strongly affected by the sediment type[], and radiolarian abundance and diversity decrease with the increase of grain size and terrigenous material input.
(22) In Meizhou Bay, the strong tidal stream transports its mud and sand from open sea, but is restricted to a certain extent, making the terrigenous clasts of the bay the main source of sediment.
(23) Bohai Sea sediment environment is changing by over-influx of terrigenous sediment and over-exploitation in Bohai Sea surrounding areas.
(24) The distribution of carbon and oxygen isotopes in sequences are controlled by many factors, such as coal accumulation, terrigenous supply, ; paleoclimate, depositional environment and geologic time.
(25) From the spatial distribution law of play type in every system tract of terrigenous sequence, TST is a significant target to hydrocarbon exploration.
(26) The influence reservoir factors in this area are mainly terrigenous clastic components, sedimentary facies and diagenesis.
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