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Take out in a sentence

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Sentence count:185+9 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: ask outbuy fooddrawdraw offdraw outexceptexcerptexcludeextractget outinvite outleave offleave outmove outomitpullpull outpull upremovetake awayunpackwithdrawSimilar words: make outtake ontake offtake overshake offmake overfor the sake oftakeMeaning: v. 1. cause to leave 2. remove from its packing 3. take out or remove 4. obtain by legal or official process 5. make a date 6. remove something from a container or an enclosed space 7. purchase prepared food to be eaten at home 8. remove (a commodity) from (a supply source) 9. bring, take, or pull out of a container or from under a cover 10. take liquid out of a container or well 11. remove, usually with some force or effort; also used in an abstract sense 12. buy and consume food from a restaurant or establishment that sells prepared food 13. take out of a literary work in order to cite or copy 14. prevent from being included or considered or accepted. 
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1. Don't forget to take out the garbage.
2. I need to take out.
3. It's your turn to take out the garbage.
4. Will someone take out the trash ?
5. Take out accident insurance before you go on your trip.
6. It is strongly advised that you take out some form of medical insurance.
7. I had to take out a loan to buy my car.
8. Do you wish to take out a full twelve-month subscription to the journal?
9. You can use petrol to take out that stain.
10. Don't forget to take out the recycling.
11. How many teeth did the dentist take out?
12. Can you take out the garbage when you go?
13. Doctors had to take out his appendix.
14. You should take out holiday insurance before you leave.
15. How much do you need to take out ?
16. How much would you like to take out?
17. to take out an annual subscription to 'Newsweek'
18. You can take out six books at a time.
19. She had to take out a bridging loan until she could sell her house.
20. When you edit the tape you can take out the giggles.
21. An incision was made into his hand to take out the splinter.
22. Can you take out the clear bulb and put a pearl one in?
23. We recommend that you take out travel insurance on all holidays.
24. I'd like a fish and chips to take out[], please.
25. We'll have to take out a second mortgage to pay for this holiday!
26. You may wish to take out a loan for a major item of expenditure.
27. She wondered if she should take out her nose stud for the job interview.
28. Student grants these days are paltry, and many students have to take out loans.
29. Supposing he's right and I do die tomorrow? Maybe I should take out an extra insurance policy.
30. You'd better get a second opinion before you let that man take out all your teeth.
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