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Stoichiometric in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2018-03-05Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: stoichiometrybiometricstrigonometricgeometricisometricgeometricsisometricsbarometricMeaning: adj. of or relating to stoichiometry. 
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1. Stoichiometric procedures also help the biochemist to follow the metabolic processes that take place in organisms.
2. These methods can be divided into stoichiometric methods and path finding methods.
3. Combined with stoichiometric method, the diene value in cracking gasoline was determined by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy at selected wavenumber region.
4. Li - doped lanthanum chromite powders in stoichiometric proportions were prepared by sol - gel process.
5. The stoichiometric coefficients are pure numbers with no units.
6. Stoichiometric bismuth molybdate thin films have been prepared on silicon (100) substrate by chemical solution processing.
7. Non - stoichiometric defects often occur in transition - metal compounds.
8. Compared with stoichiometric mixture operation, fuel economy and emissions are remarkably influenced by injection timing when lean mixture is applied.
9. The crystallization of the stoichiometric cordierite was studied by using TG - DTA and XRD.
10. In the past, a stoichiometric ratio of a reoxidant and amine are necessary for successful homocoupling in the Pd-catalyzed homocoupling reactions of terminal alkynes.
11. A chemical reaction which produces a quantitative yield is often called a stoichiometric process Many ionic reactions produce quantitative yields.
12. In the aerospace and transport industries, scientists and engineers use stoichiometric procedures to calculate fuel needs.
13. Ultraviolet laser - induced ferroelectric domain inversion in nearly - stoichiometric LiTaO 3 was investigated.
14. Analysis by volumetric procedures requires that some method of indicating the stoichiometric end point be employed.
15. There existed an optimum value (0.8-0.9) for reburn zone stoichiometric coefficient.
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16. The gas burner throughly mixes fuel and entrained air to form a nearly stoichiometric mixture prior to combustion.
17. TheMI - 07 system provides closed - loop control of stoichiometric air - fuelratio for accurate application with three - way catalysts.
18. The results show that the prepared spinel ferrite have high saturation magnetization in all the micro zone with the same stoichiometric proportion.
19. However, it does not give any protection for sub - stoichiometric firing during such a transient.
20. Preferably the starting material is dissolved in methanol and a stoichiometric excess of ammonium hydroxide is added.
21. The structure and electrochemical properties of A side super - stoichiometric AB _ 2 hydrogen storage alloys were studied.
22. Firstly, the oxidative carbonylation of aniline with thiols mediated by stoichiometric selenium has been investigated.
23. On the other hand, ionic diffusion may cause deviation of defect concentration stoichiometric equilibrium value.
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