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Volumetric in a sentence

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Sentence count:122Posted:2018-01-16Updated:2018-01-16
Similar words: volumesales volumespeak volumestraffic volumetrading volumepacked cell volumetrigonometricmetricMeaning: [‚vɑljə'metrɪk /‚vɒljʊ'm-]  adj. of or relating to measurement by volume. 
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1. Implement Reagent and volumetric solution preparation as relative SOP.
2. Let's experiment with theory of volumetric light.
3. Objective To evaluate effect of volumetric resection of glioma.
4. Good examples are volumetric effects like shadow volumes.
5. Volumetric analysis is a procedure based on the accurate measurements of volume.
6. At that point, the volumetric puffs will use the Global Illumination and Caustics data from Stage-1 to light the scene.
7. The Volumetric Analysis of Left Ventricle and Left Atrium of. Normal Subjects using Cine Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
8. At constant gas flow rate, the overall volumetric mass transfer coefficients increase with the rotational speed.
9. The volumetric and gravimetrie energy density of Li ion rechargeable battery is about 1.5 and 2 times larger than the Ni MH battery respectively.
10. Hydration of free lime often leads to a volumetric expansion of hardened cement pastes.
11. Objective To assess the application of 64-row volumetric CT three dimensional image formation to shape the titanium mesh for the skull neoplasty.
12. The volumetric efficiency of C - SB series of Scroll Compressors was investigated experimentally.
13. Strength, volumetric strain and permeability coefficient, and even moisture-distribution above ground water surface can be determined by the soil-water characteristic curve.
14. In this paper, a PC-based ray-casting method for volumetric image rendering and the related processing and analysis approaches, such as scene segmentation,[] are proposed and discussed.
15. Volumetric fraction of hydrogen was increased about 10 % per 100 ℃ increment of pyrolysis temperature.
16. Because these error can be separated from the volumetric displacement error, it is convenient and fast to measure the volumetric positioning accuracy.
17. The volumetric strain of red sandstone displays obvious dilatancy in the post-peak zone.
18. Experimental results show the typical characteristics of soil liquefaction: excess static pore-water pressure increases, effective stress decreases, and volumetric strain increment increases.
19. Improper choice of indicators can introduce serious errors into volumetric work.
20. When you use this ERM, please carefully break open the ampoule at the neck and pipet 10 ml from the ampule into 250 ml volumetric flask and bring to volume by 1% HNO3 solution.
21. Fig. 2 : Flow chart of pentosan analysis - titration method ( volumetric method ).
22. It has been suggested in this paper that the calculating titrimetric analysis can been divided into controlled volumetric titration and controlled potentiometric titration.
23. The test method of pressure loss, flow loss and frictional force loss etc. of the hydraulic pumping units is presented, from which the mechanical efficiency and volumetric efficiency are obtained.
24. When you use this ERM, please carefully break open the ampoule at the neck and pipet 10 ml from the ampule into 250 ml volumetric flask and bring to volume by 1% HNO3 or 1% HCl solution.
25. Higher lateral deformation and Poisson's ratio as well as negative volumetric strain can be reached for higher pore pressure even though axial strain of specimen is lower.
26. The accumulated damage model is viewed as the function of equivalent plastic strain, plastic volumetric strain and pressure.
27. The effects of intake chamber volume, diameter and length of inlet duct and inlet manifold on volumetric efficiency were analyzed.
28. It has characteristics of small size, low noise and working smoothly; further more, its volumetric efficiency is first rank in the displacement compressor domain.
29. When you use this ERM, please carefully break open the ampoule at the neck and pipette 10 ml from the ampule into 250 ml volumetric flask and bring to volume by 1% HNO3 solution.
30. It is found that the irreversible shear strain and irreversible volumetric strain are dependent on stress history and stress path. And significant loading rate effect is observed in the tests.
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