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State of the art in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2016-12-26Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: state of affairsheartat heartby heartheart and soulwholeheartedlystateestateMeaning: n. the highest degree of development of an art or technique at a particular time state-of-the-art. adj. the highest level of development at a particular time (especially the present time). 
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1) The system was state of the art.
2) The new expression of "State of the Art" is being overrun the U.S.
3) Using state of the art passive backplane technology, Graphite Micro Series systems become truly modular.
4) At the present state of the art, unsupervised learning is not well understood and is still the subject of much research.
5) In view of the current state of the art I can do no more here than suggest that alternative approaches are surely possible.
6) This state of the art technology will considerably reduce maintenance and increase durability of the needles three fold.
7) The state of the art of spheroidal graphite crankshaft is introduced.
8) This effort can go instead into advancing the state of the art.
9) CandyTechFactory Ltd. In 2005 plans to create a state of the art Gummi and Fruit snack manufacturing facility were initiated.
10) The book reflects the state of the art in actuarial risk theory.
11) Two recent cars typify the current state of the art with car faces.
12) Revolutionary duotone silicone design made using state of the art silicone fusing technology.
13) This paper summarizes the state of the art of the techniques on online sketchy shape recognition and semantic understanding for sketch-based user interface.
14) The state of the art in 2 D rendering was PostScript [ Ado 85 ] .
15) Include state of the art technology to reduce contamination potential: Clean-in-place (CIP) technology, e. g. rotating spray heads in tanks, in-line analyzers(, etc.
16) The propagation time is precisely measured by state of the art technology and then the absolute displacement transducer is operational.
17) We survey the "state of the art" in techniques that reduce the total power consumed by a microprocessor system over time.
18) As we know, the state of the art manufacture technology of integrated circuits leads to considerable device scale-down .
19) This review summarizes the state of the art of the coupling of the enolate of ketones, focusing on the stereoselectivity of the process.
20) Royal portraiture appears to be a barometer of the state of the art.
21) The subject matter should make a technical contribution to the state of the art.
22) But in terms of the reasoning that goes into them, they are state of the art.
23) There's no complicated system of motorised controlled valves - just state of the art technology.
24) As you learn Scala, you come to understand that it is the product of carefully considered design decisions, exploiting the state of the art in type theory, OOP and FP.
25) An effective approach for utilizing low grade coals, fluidized bed combustion with flyash underbed recycle is recommended based on analyzing the state of the art of fluidized bed combustion.
26) My sons seem to think magnetic technology is the state of the art. I'm not sure where they got this factoid, but it sounded good to me.
27) They also have 2 new digital servos that have state of the art digital SMT technology, have coreless motors and also come with a blue anodized heat sink as part of the casing.
28) Her Air force was also large as was her Navy and the Maginot line was supposed to be state of the art.
29) With the opening of our new consulate building in 2013,[ of the art.html] we will have state of the art facilities to provide top-notch services for U.S. citizens and visa applicants in south China.
30) At the time, the life span of 17 years for a patent was short compared with the rate of advance of the state of the art.
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