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Solid solution in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2019-10-08Updated:2019-10-08
Similar words: liquid solutionsolutionresolutionabsolutiondissolutionsuspended solidsirresolutionideal solutionMeaning: n. a homogeneous solid that can exist over a range of component chemicals; a constituent of alloys that is formed when atoms of an element are incorporated into the crystals of a metal. 
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1) The substitutional solid solution formed by cobalt and bismuth molybdate will improve the conductivity and sensitivity of this gas sensor to reducing gases.
2) A nonmagnetic solid solution of ferric carbide or carbon in iron, used in making corrosion - resistant steel.
3) A solid solution wherein relatively small solute atoms occupy interstitial positions between the solvent or atoms.
4) The effect of solid solution temperature on the structure properties of LY 11 aluminium alloy is studied.
5) The result shows that a sosoloid solid solution is in the system.
6) A solid solution wherein the solute atoms replace or substitute for the host atoms.
7) The temperature of solid solution treatment affected not only the degree of the second phase dissolved in the matrix alloy, but also the recovery and recrystallization processing level of the alloy.
8) Ceria-zirconia solid solution was widely used in the Three way catalysts (TWCs) for its higher oxygen storage capacity (OSC) to alleviate the periodic fluctuate of the A/F.
9) Vanadiurrrbased solid solution alloy is a kind of important hydrogen storage materials.
10) The solid solution of Sr _ ( 1 - x ) Ca _ xCuO _ 2 is investigated by means of XRD, EPMA and EDAXmethods.
11) Goldoccurs mainly as independent minerals of Au Ag solid solution series, including electrum andnative gold pyrite is the main ore mineral and has a close relationship with gold.
12) Rhombohedral ITO solid solution was metastable in air and it would be transformed to cubic ITO solid solution by heat-treatment.
13) The tungsten bronze type solid solution systems,[ solution.html] Sr _ ( 1 - x ) Ba _ xNb _ 2 O < ...
14) The potassium ferricyanide component is very sensitive, and will detect iron in calcite with 1% ferrous carbonate in solid solution.
15) This paper deals with the low frequency damping of ZA27 alloy with solid solution treatment after natural ageing stability.
16) A entirely set of method to separate and determine solid solution boron, carbon boride, alloy elements boride, boron oxide and boron nitride in low boron steel is established.
17) Ti 43.5 V 49 Fe 7.5 and Ti 46 V 44 Fe 10 alloys consist of a single solid solution phase with BCC structure.
18) All the studied systems in the paper were of simple eutectic type, no double salt solid solution were found.
19) When ? x ? & gt ; 0.6 , some TiO ? 2 enter CeO ? 2 lattice, and a CeO ? 2 - TiO ? 2 solid solution formes.
20) The results show that Cu solubilizes in W and the substitutional solid solution is formed.
21) This quaternary system is a simple eutectic type, and no double salt or solid solution was found.
22) Experimental results have testified partial content for the universal rule of decomposition reaction of supersaturated solid solution.
23) X ray diffraction analysis indicated that the materials prepared were single solid solution with layered structure.
24) Hardening and strengthening of metals that result from alloying in which a solid solution is formed.
25) Thus in the depth of the valence electron theory of solid solution the mechanical behavior of the alloy elements in martensite was shown.
26) Third, to improve the understanding on the usage of "liquid micro-multi-phase structure mold"to solid solution region of the eutectic alloy system.
27) A new phenomenon of re-dissolution of second phases and re-formation of supersaturate solid solution found in processes of severe plastic deformation was summarized.
28) The iron phase of Portland cement clinker is a member of continuous solid solution between C 2 F - C 6 AF 2 - C 4 AF - C 6 A 2 F.
29) The increasing of conductivity is the decomposition of the supersaturate solid solution contain Sc and Zr forming dispersion complex phase.
30) Up to now, the technology has been used to prepare supersaturated solid solution, amorphous alloys, intermetallic compound, nanocrystalline, magnetism materials, superconductor materials, and etc.
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