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Shipping company in a sentence

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Sentence count:53Posted:2018-02-26Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: holding companymoving companytrading companyshippingoperating companywhipping creambank holding companyworshippingMeaning: n. a company that provides shipping services. 
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1 He is working in a shipping company.
2 The shipping company seemed to have most of the floor below that occupied by Ingard, Marshall and the board.
3 Next step was London to work for a shipping company and to play rugby for Blackheath.
4 He plays the shipping company boss Mr Jaeger: Male speaker He's only filming for two days.
5 I telephoned him at the shipping company,( but was told that he was not in the office.
6 Nevertheless, in accordance with the regulations of the shipping company, they had all been obliged to buy return tickets.
7 He was now an official with a shipping company, on his way to Nakhodka to inspect a damaged freighter.
8 Souring shipping company, negotiating price and following up case.
9 MOLLER, Swedish STERNA, Norway DSD Shipping Company, COSCO and China Offshore Petroleum Company etc for their LNG, Chemical Tanker, Crude Oil Tanker, Bulk Carrier and Asphalt Carrier and so on.
10 So I suggest you approach the shipping company or the insurance company for compensation.
11 The shipping company, for additional freight , undertakes to make allto get the goods to their destination.
12 It is not uncommon to hear that a shipping company has made a claim for the cost of salvaging a sunken ship.
13 If shipping company can grasp this one opportunity, its market potential will be inestimable.
14 The shipping company offers a weekly container vessel voyage from Shanghai to Sydney.
15 You should claim compensation from the shipping company instead of the sellers.
16 She inherited the shipping company from her father and is now worth millions.
17 I'm a office worker in Shipping Company, living in Shanghai now as a company's trainee.
18 We are advised to take the shipping company to court.
19 A shipping company is a privately owned shipping line, founded in Switzerland in 1970.
20 The shipping company will be liable for damage.
21 The captain was just a scapegoat. The real villains were the people in charge of the shipping company.
22 With his help I arranged to invest some money in a shipping company called Clarrikers.
23 Even the oil sea transportation has a long history, the accidents happen here and there, lead to much loss for shipping company, people coastwise, and entironment.
24 At some later time, the book seller sends you a confirmation of dispatch of your order, along with a tracking number you can use to check the status of the delivery with the shipping company.
25 I am working as a consultant for an overseas shipping company.
26 " H open "Helicon" Conference Presentation and news of the "Declaration" on the shipping company ...
27 It is, firstly, a contract between the shipper and the shipping company.
28 The combined process of A2/O and valveless filter was used to treat sewage from the living quarters of Kunming Shipping Company.
29 Chapter 4 will " probe the way of recognition and measurement of ocean shipping company. "
30 As for the countries it will stop over and its specific schedule, I suggest you refer your questions to the relevant shipping company.
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