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Refolding in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2019-07-08Updated:2019-07-08
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1. He refolded the letter and put it back in the envelope.
2. Refolding the map neatly, she slipped it into her jacket pocket.
3. She folded and refolded her Kleenex into smaller and smaller squares.
4. Emily refolded the letter and put it into the envelope.
5. The research into protein refolding techniques is of essential importance to the down stream processing of genetically engineered proteins.
6. The unfolding and refolding of bovine serum albumins and the existence of intermediates were studied by fluorescence phase diagram.
7. Investigations on protein refolding by size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) was carried out by using lysozyme as a model system.
8. Calcium and zinc ions were required both in refolding and enzymatic activity, but high concentration of zinc inhibited the refolding and activity.
9. AIM: To form soluble HLA-G1-peptide complex by refolding in vitro, and study its immune function.
10. The results showed that the refolding efficiency of proteins denatured by GuHCl is the highest, and SDS is the lowest in the three denaturing agents.
11. Protein refolding by dilution is the basis of research on other method of renaturation.
12. In this thesis, unfolding and refolding of human group IB and X phospholipase A2 have been studied.
13. Conclusion The parameters of expression, purification and refolding of sCR1-SCR15-18 protein were optimized, which may pave a way for further studies.
14. Maxim knew her driving well enough to be relaxed about it and spent his time folding and refolding a road map.
15. One man just sat there in silence, looking at the camera, grinning and folding and refolding his six fivers.
16. Liquid chromatography (LC) is one of the most effective way to separate and purify biopolymer, and also a powerful tool to be used for protein refolding.
17. The interface of liquid-solid in liquid chromatography (LC) gives main contribution to protein refolding, so the impacts of the solute adsorption in the liquid-solid systems were investigated firstly.
18. In addition, in the presence of the artificialchaperones[], lysozyme refolding could be realized at high yield and folding rate at alow GdmCl concentration.
19. Strategies for decreasing the formation of inclusion bodies, isolation and resolution of inclusion bodies, and refolding of inclusion body proteins were included.
20. The comparison of the native lysozyme and the refolded lysozyme demonstrated the variation of protein diameters during its refolding.
21. The other method was tried, after cutting the fusion protein, we treated the protein by the GSH/GSSG refolding system, the result showed that they has no activity.
22. These inclusion bodies should be washed with denaturation buffer firstly, then followed by denaturation and refolding in proper buffer to harvest the active proteins.
23. Then according to experiment design, the effects of rChIL-18 protein refolding yield at different densities were investigated by the systems of artificial chaperone at different densities.
24. Objective The possibility of peripherin binding protein (PBP) to improve the refolding of denatured luciferase in vitro was investigated.
25. The possibility of peripherin binding protein (PBP) to improve the refolding of denatured luciferase in vitro was investigated.
25. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
26. The experimental results of urea gradient electrophoresis show that there are two different refolding processes.
27. The kinetic model was in good agreement with the experimental results. The mechanism of CAB refolding assisted by amides were analogous to that of GdmCl.
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