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Redheaded in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2018-06-01Updated:2018-06-01
Similar words: redheadhardheadedswelled headheadedbeheadedhotheadedbareheadedpigheadedMeaning: adj. having red hair and usually fair skin. 
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1. Red-headed people have many superstitions attached to them.
2. Then he went quiet and knelt down by the redhead.
3. But their companion, the third boy, was a tall redhead and not mature enough to be quick on his feet.
4. This is a lapse on his part, but is hardly comparable with Jaromil's treatment of his mendacious redhead.
5. Lucy was the sort of redhead who bronzes beautifully.
6. It divides its subject matter into blondes, brunettes and redheads.
7. He married a beautiful redhead.
8. I was thinking of the colour of her hair: Daniel, you may remember, alluded to her as a redhead.
9. The redhead was leggy and had a terrific figure.
10. Red-heads dive constantly like grebes, but have conspicuously whiter cheeks, and are also much whiter than other small diving ducks.
11. I believe there are no red-headed Civil Servants. How curious.
12. According to my neighbour on the other side, this apartment contained something very unusual in the way of leggy redheads.
13. The redhead brought out some glasses and he drank the liquid down in one go.
14. They were tolerating that redhead well enough in spite of his sullen bad manners.
15. On one occasion Britt-Marie came: on another, a red-headed lady lawyer.
16. It had a picture on the cover of a red-headed girl with a green face.
17. Why had she never imagined Bella as a redhead?
18. It occurred to him that all the people coming and going under his roof, other than himself, were redheads.
19. Our guide to the spirit of Morse is radio presenter, Brian Redhead.
20. Two floors up, the red-headed woman lay face-down dead on her own bedroom carpet.
21. Not little redheaded men dressed in green and leading to the rainbows end. Not Santas helpers, nor anything like the ogres, trolls, and other monsters from the Grimm Brothers or Mother Goose.
22. I'm pretty sure this is the only (natural) redheaded vampire I've seen at the movies.
23. A saucy redheaded southerner, Mom could be demure one moment and shocking the next, with a laugh so loud and sudden it turned heads. And she had stories to tell.
24. You have your little redheaded girlfriend to thank for giving me this pleasure.
25. She was a statuesque redheaded
26. Giles was a redheaded, crew-cut confirmed bachelor whose life was filled by his students, his love for the Constitution and social justice, and his passion for the Washington Redskins, win or lose.
27. She's kind-of the redheaded stepchild of this family since she never really got a fair shake.
28. Coming up redheaded curates from the county Leitrim, rinsing empties and old man in the cellar.
29. He rose with a sigh and stood there beside me. I, was thin, elongated , redheaded, praying for success, his and mine.
30. One afternoon I was standing near the front of this display and two older Chinese gentlemen in blue jackets stopped to watch this curious display of the Chinese speaking, redheaded foreigner.
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