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Re-entrant in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2020-07-30Updated:2020-07-30
Similar words: reentrantside entranceentrantservice entrancereentryre-entryfree entryorgan transplantMeaning: [rɪː'entrənt]  adj. (of angles) pointing inward. 
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1 So RCC is also re-entrant and this recursive aspect is a great advantage for creating components that re-use and build atop other components.
2 Queueing network models of re-entrant lines are developed, and are converted to the canonical forms that are solvable by non-linear matrix equations. Irreducibility of such systems is studied.
3 The re-entrant cavity has a resilient portion to facilitate the removal of the building product without detrimental affect to the hook-like protuberance.
4 Concurrency in the java.util.concurrent collection is enabled via re-entrant read-write locks and is now supported natively inside Terracotta 2.4.
5 Is your code re-entrant or do you have critical section that must be locked?
6 Libraries must be threadsafe (re-entrant) and C-linkage must be used (at least for the initialization functions).
7 A simulation framework of scheduling re-entrant lines with Neuro-Dynamic Programming(NDP) is presented.
8 The transaction-attr, isolation-level, run-as-mode, and re-entrant are taken directly from Sun_s XML EJB deployment descriptor format.
9 A novel structure of three-section re-entrant hybrid coupler is proposed with a simple structure, easy debugging and good performance.
10 It's NP hard to schedule re-entrant lines for its complexity. Genetic algorithm and heuristic scheduling rules are integrated to schedule re-entrant lines.
11 The method includes providing a rigid mould (8, 150) with at a re-entrant cavity (96[], 196).
12 This paper proposed a cascadic multigrid(CMG) method for parabolic problems in domains with re-entrant corners, whose corresponding convergent results were obtained.
13 A mechanical model of two-dimensional cellular materials with negative Poisson's ratio, composed of partly re-entrant and partly regular hexagons, was proposed based on rotation mechanism.
14 The state set is constructed based on the characteristics of re-entrant lines, and the scheduling problem is described as the corresponding Markov decision process.
15 A new kind of combustion system of conical spray nozzle applying in re-entrant chamber is presented in this Paper, and experimental studies are made in 110 model single cylinder experimental engine.
16 That's because only a few system calls can be safely called inside signals. Only calls that are re-entrant or not interruptible by signals can be called safely.
17 Under priority service discipline,[] the diffusion approximations for a three-stations reentrant networks and a class of the re-entrant networks were studied.
18 An example is given to illustrate the validity of the method. The comparison of three scheduling policies indicates the superiority of NDP in scheduling re-entrant lines.
19 This structural change may result in a substrate that can support a wider spectrum of re-entrant ATs, which may co-exist in the same period.
20 Both options cause the compiler to generate position-independent code (PIC) for use in shared, re-entrant libraries.
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