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Purchasable in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-11-12Updated:2017-11-12
Similar words: purchasepurchaserpurchasingbulk purchasehire purchasepurchase ordererasablepurchase methodMeaning: ['pɜrtʃɪsəbl /'pɜː-] adj. 1. capable of being corrupted 2. available for purchase. 
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1. Credit offers are circulated from purchasable mailing lists just like any other commodity.
2. The goods became obtainable, but not purchasable, because of the lack of purchasing power among the population.
3. Steel plate purchasable if so purchase price and delivery time expect?
4. Remember, we still offer many great-looking, purchasable things—such as our Extra Crispy legs and wings—and we invite everyone to come on down and obtain them for whatever use they deem appropriate.
5. These protocols, along with OSPF (a separately purchasable option), are layered on top of the IP (network) layer.
6. A regular edition and a special Theater edition purchasable from the group's home in Akihabara.
7. This will contain the purchasable game, mugs, posters, T-shirts, books, maybe even telephone ring-tone versions of game sounds.
8. Meaning : Nonprescription drugs; Purchasable without a doctor's prescription.
9. Mapmakers will also be able to release purchasable Premium maps which will allow users to buy them and the creator will earn a part of the revenue.
10. Sample shops display all purchasable goods, even in small towns.
11. Similarly, e-mail can be considered both a messaging infrastructure and a purchasable end product.
12. Therefore it is easier for Chinese producers of marine automation equipments to develop a Ship power, management system with high performance themselves, using a purchasable generator control module.
13. In this series,( we're trying to stick to brands that are readily purchasable nationally.
14. But the essential things to be devoted to such an endeavor are not purchasable.
15. Education, with its cycles of instruction so carefully worked out, punctuated by textbooks -- those purchasable wells of wisdom-what would civilization be like without its benefits?
16. Improved value, with a lower-priced foundation product coupled with significant new functionality offered in separately purchasable extension offerings.
17. For the father cutter , for the mother a bolt of the finest cloth purchasable in Palermo.
18. The monetary unit's purchasing power never changes evenly with regard to all things vendible and purchasable.
19. The protesters in Paris were paid for 300 Euro per person, but all the people who support China are not purchasable . And you BBC is bribable and quite cheap.
20. The largest incoming threat comes from Google, whose possible buyout of Catch Media could lead to purchasable YouTube videos that would play on destinations well beyond the web.
21. These books hold recipes using all commonly harvested ingredients and are purchasable from NPCs.
22. The paper gives the goal of state-owned forest property system, establishing clear, exclusive and purchasable property rights.
23. You can't purchase the award winning 24x7 IBM Passport Advantage support model available with purchasable DB2 editions.
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