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Price fluctuation in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2019-09-06Updated:2019-09-06
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1, Sometimes central banks intervene to smooth out price fluctuations.
2, He showed the price fluctuations in a statistical table.
3, This price fluctuation requires that one measure the current yield on a seasoned bond.
4, Fig 1. The price fluctuation of main feeds since 1982.
5, The price fluctuation of the international oil market is influenced by a number of factors.
6, Price fluctuation once again warned us not to treat the grain price lightly.
7, The market and price fluctuation trend from electric power and chemical industries will also influence natural gas demand price fluctuation trend in return.
8, Hedging can offset the risk of price fluctuation in cash markets in a great part but cannot erase the risk completely because there exists basis.
9, The wide price fluctuation in the international market reduce business difficult.
10, See also Variable Limit,( fluctuation.html) Maximum Price Fluctuation.
11, The certain extent impact of price fluctuation on information propagation speed is a sufficient and necessary condition for state persistence of stock yield.
12, Due to price fluctuation of the essential oils market, price subject to final confirmation.
13, The bank un-stabilization which comes from asset price fluctuation impact macro-economic that mainly embody on influencing monetary policy, finance and foreign department.
14, Issuing price making and the price fluctuation are highly relative to the fiscal information provided by the listed companies.
15, The risk of oil price fluctuation can be avoided by oil future market, and the risk of exchange rate fluctuation can also be avoided by monetary market.
16, Then, looking back on the related circumstances of price fluctuation on farm product in our country.
17, They do not adjust their shopping list to take advantage of price fluctuations among competing products.
18, See Chapter 12 for a discussion of the effects of minimum price fluctuations.
19, First, the value of commodity forms in the competition of commodity interexchange and price fluctuation.
20, Fourth the uncertainty and randomness of the customers'confidence asas the price fluctuation in stock market.
21, Foreign exchange is such a market, we use its price fluctuation to earn money.
22, Simultaneously, it should also shorten the price regulation time as short as possible, and smooth the price fluctuation to increase the social benefits of peak and valley price policy.
23, In this paper, the structure of vector autoregressive (SVAR) model is used to investigate the dynamic impact effect of international oil price fluctuation on China's macroeconomy.
24, Conscious mastery of price circulation law is the guideline policy of government control macroscopic price fluctuation.
25, It gives examples to analyze the change of demand elasticity has an influence over the sales volume of products and reaches a conclusion that how the price fluctuation influences the benefit sales.
26, Researchers in an increasing number find that certain potential information or pattern exist behind the plausibly ruleless price fluctuation in the financial markets.
27, Formation of retail price index aims to keep abreast of price fluctuation of retail commodities and provide the reference basis for the central government in working out economic policies.
28, Money shock is more influential than nominal exchange rate and import price on domestic inflation fluctuation, but it is not the main course of producer price fluctuation.
29, In addition, sufficient to effectively deal with the liquidity risk of price fluctuation of raw materials.
30, Monitor the stock moving price on weekly basis to sort out abnormal price fluctuation.
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