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Pericarditis in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-09-02Updated:2017-09-02
Similar words: myocarditisendocarditispericardialpericardiumafrican americancardiac arrestperditioncardialMeaning: [‚perɪkɑr'daɪtɪs /-kɑː'd-] n. inflammation of the pericardium. 
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1. Pericarditis may occur as a primary disease process.
2. This diagram depicts the appearance of a fibrinous pericarditis.
3. The incidence of constrictive pericarditis with evident pericardial calcification in children is extremely low.
4. Early pericarditis may also produce a friction thrill.
5. Hemorrhagic pericarditis is most likely to occur with metastatic tumor and with tuberculosis ( TB ).
6. The surface of the heart with hemorrhagic pericarditis demonstrates a roughened and red appearance.
7. Serous pericarditis is marked by fluid collection fluid collection may be large enough to cause tamponade.
8. The value of constrictive pericarditis diagnosis and differential diagnosis by echocardiography was discussed.
9. TB can also lead to a granulomatous pericarditis that may calcify and produce constrictive pericarditis.
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10. Objective: Early operative results of pericardiectomy for constrictive pericarditis was studied.
11. It is really just fibrinous pericarditis with hemorrhage.
12. The pericarditis here not only has fibrin, but also hemorrhage.
13. Conclusion The aetiological diagnosis of tuberculous pericarditis and viral pericarditis is difficult.
14. Metastases may lead to a hemorrhagic pericarditis.
15. This is another example of fibrinous pericarditis.
16. There are circumstances in which the incorrect diagnosis and inappropriate administration of a thrombolytic would be disastrous; for example, acute pericarditis.
17. Here, the pericardial cavity has been opened to reveal a fibrinous pericarditis with strands of stringy pale fibrin between visceral and parietal pericardium.
18. Conclusion: Echocardiography is a firstly method for diagnosing constrictive pericarditis.
19. Objective To assess the clinical outcome of extended partial pericardiectomy in the treatment of pediatric acute suppurative pericarditis.
20. It is central in the chest, radiates through to the back or neck, and is unaffected by position unless dissection into the pericardium with hemopericardium has produced an acute pericarditis.
21. Objective To improve the diagnosis and treatment of constrictive tuberculous pericarditis ( CTP ).
22. AbstractObjectiveTo study the clinical characteristics of children with constrictive pericarditis ( CP ).
23. Objective To evaluate MRI in the diagnosis of constrictive pericarditis.
24. Pretreatment with corticosteroids attenuates the efficacy of colchicine in preventing recurrent pericarditis a multi - centre all - case analysis.
25. Materials and Methods MRI findings in 26 patients with clinically - confirmed constrictive pericarditis were retrospectively analyzed.
26. Methods The clinical data of 21 cases of acute suppurative pericarditis at early stage treated with pericardiectomy were retrospectively analyzed.
27. Objective To explore the etiological diagnosis of the patients with pericarditis after pericardiectomy to improve the clinical diagnosis.
28. Abdominal distension has been described as the most common presenting symptom in children with constrictive pericarditis.
29. From 1983 to 1995, subtotal pericardectomy were done in 16 children of acute purulent pericarditis. All of them were healed.
30. Flattening of the right atrial border is also seen in constrictive pericarditis.
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