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Nonionic in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2021-11-23Updated:2021-11-23
Similar words: anioniconionOnionsunionizationred onionunionistunionismunionizeMeaning: adj. 1. not converted into ions 2. not ionic. 
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1. The newer, non-ionic contrast materials may be less likely to excite pancreatic inflammation than ionic media.
2. Nonionic surfactant, sodium carbonate, Sodium MetaSilicate.
3. Sucrose ester is a kind of nonionic surfactant.
4. Both ionic and nonionic substances in the serum contribute to the osmolality.
5. Nonionic surfactant take on moist and emulsification characteristic. Its characteristic is related to structure.
6. Alkanolamides belong to nonionic surfactants. Synthesis of alkanolamide from fatty acid using two - step method was introduced.
7. Method of determination of nonionic surfactant content by ion - exchange was introduced.
8. Alkypolyglucosides are novel nonionic surfactants They have unusual properties and are applied in many aspects.
9. Nonionic surface - active agents polyoxyethylene condensates, sucrose esters and alkyl amine oxides.
10. Nonionic surfactant polyglycerol maleated rosin ester(PGMRE) has been synthesized by the reaction of maleated rosin and polyglycerol.
11. But there isnt obvious interaction between nonionic aqueous polyurethane resin and collagen.
12. A series of polymerizable nonionic urethane surfactants were synthesized with 2, 4-tolylene di-iso-cyanate(2,4-TDI)[], polyethylene glycols(PEG) of different molecular weight and allyl alcohol.
13. Therefore , the nonionic surfactant can effectively intensify the seeded precipitation process of sodium aluminate solution.
14. Solubilization of phenol in micellar solution of nonionic surfactant and in coacervate phase of cloud point extraction were investigated with spectrometer method.
15. ConclusionThe low osmolar and nonionic contrast media can be usedrelativelysafely in people over 70 years old.
16. Nonionic surface - active agents include polyoxyethylene condensates, sucrose esters and alkyl amine oxides.
17. Therefore it becomes a tendency to develop nonionic type waterborne epoxy curing agent.
18. Nonionic surfactant polyglycerol acrylic modified rosin ester (PGARE) was synthesized by the reaction of acrylic modified rosin and polyglycerol.
19. The cloud temperature depends on the concentration of nonionic surfactant in solution.
20. A typical frequency sweep rheogram of nonionic surfactant liquid crystal can be observed at a moderate temperature range.
21. A complex ionic copolymer, JHG ionic and nonionic groups is synthesized by means of polymerization.
22. The effects of alcohol are studied on the microemulsion composed of nonionic surfactant,[Sentencedict] water and heptane.
23. The suspensibility to seed clothing agent in compound system of naphthalene sulfonate condensate and nonionic surfactant was studied.
24. Materials and methods: 150 patients with chronic cough, sputum and hemoptysis in whom bronchiectasis was suspected underwent bronchography using nonionic or ionic agent respectively.
25. Platinum nanowires were electrodeposited in a lamellar lyotropic liquid crystal, composed of nonionic surfactant tetraethylene glycol monododecyl ether and H2PtCl6 aqueous solution.
26. To investigate the effect of Iopromide, a kind of low osmolar and nonionic contrast media, on renal function in people over 70 years old.
27. Objective To investigate the effect of Iopromide, a kind of low osmolar and nonionic contrast media, on renal function in people over 70 years old.
28. Objective: To evaluate the nephrotoxic effects of ionic contrast media (ICM)and nonionic contrast media (NCM).
29. The flame-retardant finishing material is prepared by adding flame retardant, melamine resin, fiber protecting agent, nonionic penetrating agent and phosphoric acid into water used as a solvent.
30. The damage of aquatic plant Spirogyra sp. and Pistia stratiotes L. from anion surfactant LAS and nonionic surfactant AE was studied with transmission electron microscopy.
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