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Microelectrode in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2018-10-18Updated:2018-10-18
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1. Once in a while, the microelectrode will record activity from two or three neurons at the same time.
2. Microelectrodes are fine wires about the thickness of a hair.
3. METHODS Using conventional intracellular microelectrode recording technique.
4. In this study(, a light addressable microelectrode array (LA-MEA) chip and multichannel recording system has been developed to measure electrophysiological signals of neural cells.
5. Methods Itracellular microelectrode technique was used to investigate the effects of different BUF concentrations on AP.
6. The method that microelectrode is used to record unit discharge of spinal dorsal horn to respond to nocuous stimulus and its computer processing is described.
7. Intracellular recording technique of glass microelectrode and technique of intralateroventricular microinjection were used.
8. As a part of stimulator[], microelectrode arrays(MEA) were developed to stimulate the remained retina neurons and elicit an electrical-evoked response on the cortical region.
9. Methods: The microelectrode recording technique was used to explore the electrophysiological properties in the Mauthner cell when stimulating the right vagus.
10. Conclusion Microelectrode guided stereotactic pallidotomy and thalamotomy are of effective measures for treatment of PD, but the indication should be controlled seriously.
11. Using microelectrode techique and patch clamp whole cell recording, author studied electrophysiologic effect of moricizine (MRZ) on ventricular myocytes of guinea pig.
12. Microelectrode grids sat on two parts of the volunteer's brain crucial for speech: the Face-Motor Cortex and Wernicke's area.
13. Standard microelectrode intracellular recording technique was used to record action potential(AP) of ventricular papillary muscles.
14. Fig. 1 The microelectrode recording of globus pallidus external (GPe) cells shows low background noise, with irregular or short-burst discharges.
15. Tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) was coated onto microelectrode surface with Eastman- AQ 29D polymer film and the electrochemical behavior of the resulting modified electrodes was investigated.
16. The device comprises microelectrode array chip, signal path control part, stimulation signal generation part and coding part.
17. The authors have made a microelectrode with the material of petroleum asphalt fiber.
18. Standard microelectrode techniques were used to study the effect of berbamine on right atrial pectinate.
19. Recently, implantable neural microelectrode has been a new exciting field in neural science and microelectronics.
20. By using standard microelectrode technique , we studied the transmembrane action potential on rabbit conus arteriosus ( infundibulum ).
21. Conclusion Microelectrode guided stereotactic pallidotomy and thalamotomy are effective measures for the treatment of Parkinson′s disease, but probably may bring about serious complications.
22. Conclusion The electrophysiological characteristics of globus pallidus may be effectively expressed by microelectrode and defined the "functional localization" at cellular level.
23. Electropharmacological effects of resibufogenin(RBG)on guinea pig papillary muscle were studied by means of conventional glass microelectrode technique.
24. Moreover, methods of the electronical signals recording of taste cell mainly depends on the microelectrode or the patch clamp sticking to the membrane of the cells.
25. The effect of 3, 6-dimethylamino-dibenzopyriodonium edetae(IHC-72) on the slow calcium channel of isolated rabbit purkinje fibers was studied with two microelectrode voltage clamp technique.
26. The theory of semidifferential cyclic voltammetry for simple electrode reaction at hemispherical microelectrode has been described.
27. The effects of the structures of the compounds on the insect glutamate potentials were investigated by using electrophysiological intracellular microelectrode recording technique.
28. An immobilization of xanthine oxidase on the surface of microelectrode has been accomplished, and thin film microsensor for the determination of hypoxanthine has been developed in this study.
29. In the first section, to study the acoustic response properties of the IC in the pipistrellus abramus, single unit extracellular recording with microelectrode was used in free field conditions.
30. The automatic activity of aortic vestibule was studied in 82 guinea-pig heart preparations with intracellular microelectrode.
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