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Pyroelectric in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2018-05-19Updated:2018-05-19
Similar words: pyroelectricityhydroelectrichydroelectricityhydroelectric power plantmyoelectricisoelectricthermoelectricpiezoelectricMeaning: adj. relating to or exhibiting pyroelectricity. 
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1. Pyroelectric detector is actually a sensor sensitive to temperature.
2. It is constituted with pyroelectric infrared sensor, telephone and detecting circuit.
3. This paper analyzed the characteristics of the pyroelectric detector based on its working principle.
4. Pyroelectric infrared detector is one of the important applications of ferroelectric materials.
5. After compared with the uncooled pyroelectric thermal imager, the bolometer thermal imager owns the better performance.
6. The counting device, with infrared pyroelectric sensor as its detection element, MCS-51 SCM as its controller, was used to detect and judge human motion and direction and statistics.
7. The pyroelectric effect of polyvinylidene fluoride ( PVDF ) has great influence on the PVDF pressure transducer sensitivity.
8. The dielectric permittivity and pyroelectric coefficient of Tb - modif ied Sr 0.61 Ba 0.39 Nb 2 O 6 crystals were measured.
9. In this paper, An automatic measuring system for pyroelectric coefficient has been set up.
10. Pyroelectric material is one of the key sensitive materials of the uncooled infrared detectors.
11. Currently, uncooled pyroelectric IR detector has become the hot issue on IR detector research.
12. The interaction among fabrication of ZnO pyroelectric sensors, morphology, crystal structures and mechanical properties of ZnO thin films to improve the responsivity was presented in this study.
13. Thin - film ZnO pyroelectric sensors use the pyroelectric effect to convert temperature variation to corresponding electrical signal.
14. Due to its excellent pyroelectric, electro-optic and photo-refractive properties,( strontium barium niobate (SBN) is one of the most potential lead-free ferroelectric materials.
15. The device can measure the pyroelectric coefficient of the tourmaline with very small pyroelectric current.
16. The DC bias shift caused by the pyroelectric effect of Lithium Niobate crystals is analyzed. Moreover, a physical model is proposed to estimate the DC bias shift.
17. The discovery of pyroelectric effect is a base for laser and infrared detector.
18. The dielectric constant, pyroelectric coefficient, thickness extension vibration electromechanical coupling factor and their temperature dependence are investigated.
19. Methodology: A systematic framework for pyroelectric infrared imaging based on the crystal valve modulation is constructed.
20. PST thin films are ferroelectric materials with many advantages such as excellent ferroelectric, pyroelectric and dielectric properties.
21. An application to mineral separation engineering is introduced of the pyroelectric infrared transducer and the system of Intelligent speech production.
22. Some of smectic mesophase liquid crystals exhibit both ferro- electric and pyroelectric properties.
23. The heat transfer function is derived on the basis of the heat analysis. The relations between pyroelectric current and sensitive area as well as modulation frequency are analysed.
24. SBN has currently being investigated as a potential material for many micro-device applications such as pyroelectric infrared detectors, electrooptic modulators, DRAM, etc.
25. Ferroelectric materials are one kind of important functional materials and has been widely used as dielectric materials for capacity , piezoelectric and pyroelectric materials.
26. Near the transition temperature, a thermal hysteresis was found in dielectric, pyroelectric and piezoelectric measurements.
27. The structure and process technique of triglycine sulfate(TGS)reticulated target used in the infrared pyroelectric vidicon are introduced.
28. From responsibility, NETD and normalized detect degree , the issues paid attention on in the fabrication is analyzed and the way how to choose the proper pyroelectric material is given.
29. A new kind of the practical IR colorimeter using LiTaO 3 pyroelectric detector is presented.
30. The ferroelectric thin films had good crystallization behaviour, excellent dielectric and pyroelectric properties.
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