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Grilling in a sentence

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Similar words: drillingthrillingfillingwillingkillingmillingbillingbillingsMeaning: [grɪl] n. cooking by direct exposure to radiant heat (as over a fire or under a grill). 
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1. In broiling or grilling, the food is cooked directly over a very hot flame.
2. He's grilling out there in the midday sun.
3. After hours of grilling he opened up.
4. The breast can be cut into portions for grilling.
5. They gave him a grilling about the implications of a united Europe.
6. The minister faced a tough grilling at today's press conference.
7. Boar chops are best suited to grilling or sauteing.
8. Prick the skins before grilling.
9. Hilda's teacher gave her a real grilling about why she'd missed so many classes.
10. When plans call for grilling, sauteing, or broiling, quail takes well to marinating for flavor enhancement.
11. The meeting turned out to be a grilling by Democrats of the Republican senator about his proposal.
12. Maxine started grilling me on why I'd been spending so much time alone.
13. The non-stick grilling trivet makes this easier too.
14. For grilling, choose top loin, sirloin, rib eye, Porterhouse or bone steaks.
15. In short, we must stop grilling them with little questions.
16. Glaspie underwent a severe grilling before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
17. Always be prepared for a grilling.
18. The South American country bested a Mexican grilling record from 2006 by a resounding 4 tonnes.
19. After hours of grilling, the prisoner opened up.
20. Get tips on grill heat control when grilling barbecue chicken and more in this free online cooking video taught by grill master Dan Head.
21. The three party leaders each endured a 20-minute television grilling from voters.
22. Use in oriental-style dishes and sprinkle it over meat before grilling it or use to liven up leftover boiled rice.
22. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
23. Some of these may be used in combination when grilling meat or game birds.
24. It is believed Stavridis told the judge in a behind-closed-doors grilling that the pilot was directing him from shore.
25. But Baker called him back during the defense case and subjected him to a grilling on the glove.
26. It was necessary to give him a pretty assertive grilling about it all.
27. Alex : I'm baking some potatoes, boiling some carrots and grilling a steak.
28. Rather than an information-gathering session, the executives should be ready to face a grilling worthy of Torquemada.
29. He should come to the UK and subject himself to a proper televisual grilling.
30. Without skinning the piranhas, he laid them on the wood, grilling one side, then the other.
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