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Good-for-nothing in a sentence

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Similar words: good for nothingfor nothinggo for nothingwant for nothingneck or nothinggood forgood formgood for youMeaning: n. an idle worthless person. adj. without merit. 
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(1) She told him he was a lazy good-for-nothing and should get a job.
(2) Where's that good-for-nothing son of yours?
(3) He called the young people shiftless, lazy and good-for-nothing.
(4) Leopold believed the entire Weber family to be good-for-nothing.
(5) They're all good-for-nothing layabouts.
(6) Most of them are idle, work-shy, good-for-nothing.
(7) Ian's a stupid good-for-nothing.
(8) Special those who remind is, the animal good-for-nothing or queer character that gives you builds a beautiful, easy environment, the mood that also can let you have a joy will treat them.
(9) Or do you see a loser, good-for-nothing person.
(10) He forgave his good-for-nothing brother for the purpose of maintaining brotherhood.
(11) Do not take your servant to be a good-for-nothing woman: for my words have come from my stored - up sorrow and pain.
(12) Ambiguity is not good-for-nothing. Instead, it can play an active role in helping people to achieve positive communication effects.
(13) Mike was the good-for-nothing son in Smith and Son Construction.
(14) I am now tired look like a good-for-nothing.
(15) Meanwhile, he disguises himself as a good-for-nothing who is unworthy being employed.
(16) Raw Head roared, descending upon the good-for-nothing hunter.
(17) Infant milk powder in the area a " good-for-nothing nature of the industry", but to look to the future, Sudan, "CL" and "empty formula", and the industrial salt, red duck, and so on.
(18) They didn't pay much attention to the lazy good-for-nothing, because they could see he would never get anywhere.
(19) Her younger brother is simply a good-for-nothing, with a dilapidated reputation.
(20) Memoirs of a Good-for-Nothing was easy to read aloud, easier than Emilia Galotti and Intregues and Love.
(21) More than that, it had served to prove yet again that Sweetheart was quite justified in calling him worthless and good-for-nothing.
(22) No one had a clue until modern genetics that a hive is a radical matriarchy and sisterhood: all bees, except the few good-for-nothing drones, are female and sisters.
(23) Compare with with his elder brother, Henry is really a matter to haven't results to show, people all look upon as a good-for-nothing and count for little.
(24) An idle man is not a free man. He is good-for-nothing and unworthy being learned.
(25) Now, lying in bed, coming awake in the dark, I feel the fury of her energy fighting the good-for-nothing idler within me who wants to go back to sleep instead of tackling the brave new day.
(26) He who knows nothing but pretends to know everything,is indeed a good-for-nothing.
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