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Glassy in a sentence

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Sentence count:92Posted:2017-08-21Updated:2017-08-21
Synonym: glazedvitreousvitrifiedSimilar words: classyglassglasseshourglassglassfulglasswareglass overisinglassMeaning: ['glæsɪ /'glɑːs-]  adj. 1. resembling glass in smoothness and shininess and slickness 2. (used of eyes) lacking liveliness 3. (of ceramics) having the surface made shiny and nonporous by fusing a vitreous solution to it. 
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1 His glassy stare made my flesh creep.
2 Her eyes were glassy and her skin pale.
3 The glassy surface of the lake was ruffled by the breeze.
4 Perhaps the glassy stare had lingered in his eyes, for Scales looked at him queerly.
5 The water was glassy.
6 The glassy rear hatch opens wide and the boot has low loading lip.
7 Approximately three hundred red mullet surface, their glassy eyes and mouths apparent on the water's surface.
8 He saw the smirk on Donald's glassy face.
9 The adoral shields are curved slightly wing-like,( with glassy beads embedded in the matrix.
10 From the desk lamp, glassy nuclei of brightness followed the words he wrote.
11 Picture a shallow pool with a glassy surface, and in the pool picture minnows fluttering their tail fins but otherwise stationary.
12 Glassy sheets of gypsum crumble out of the bluffs.
13 A glassy stone beloved by ancient toolmakers, obsidian was found only in two prehistoric spots in Arizona prior to the 1980s.
14 The adamantium trunk yawned open, the glassy coils lying immobile within.
15 The pairs of glassy eyes no longer corresponded, in death they broke ranks, each distended eye gone its own way.
16 The adoral shields have glassy concretions embedded within the matrix of the plate.
17 His eyes were glassy and he seemed barely able to keep them open.
18 Obviously the glassy state is a time-dependent one.
19 How could quasi-independent microscopic cells collaborate to secrete a million glassy splinters and construct such an intricate and beautiful lattice?
20 The former are usually coarse grained; the latter,[] fine grained or glassy.
21 The boy had a large olive head and very glassy rolling eyes.
22 He further obliterates his own identity behind a pair of mirrored sunglasses, whose glassy surface deflects even the most tenacious gaze.
23 A laser is used to etch a pattern of tiny flaws in the otherwise glassy smooth surface of the disc.
24 What state it was in before it crystallized he does not explain; certainly it was not glassy.
25 Bones and teeth are made from quite simple inorganic compounds which in their normal crystalline and glassy forms are very brittle.
26 The sun turns red through the haze and the water becomes glassy calm.
27 Other great sections of the entity hung almost loose, huge gobs of spittle on glassy strands.
28 The occasional dip of an oar rippled the lake's glassy surface.
29 Under-fired glazes may be dull and do nor have a smooth glassy feel.
30 While making a final check in the loft, his feet had slipped on the wet glassy joists.
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