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Financial capital in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-08-18Updated:2017-08-18
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1. London used to be the financial capital of the world.
2. Current possession of human, physical and financial capital tends to reinforce itself in successive periods, although not completely so.
3. The gyroscope of this system was the world's financial capital, London.
4. We also divide capital into material capital , financial capital , and invisible assets including Intellectual capital and social capital .
5. Therefore, the financial capital of the construction of ecological environment is even more important.
6. A platform for the industrial market and financial capital to connect.
7. Financial capital availability ratio means the ratio of the ratio moves in the same direction with Financing Efficiency.
8. Such investment spreads financial capital, know - how and technology.
9. Mr Obama began his trip in Shanghai, China's financial capital.
10. Experience[], the financial capital investment will an impetus to the use of rapid growth.
11. Advertising sanitary pads on selected billboards in Pakistan's financial capital Karachi, the latest catchphrase is: "WikiLeaks... Butterfly doesn't".
12. If you compare our financial capital to our aggregate debt, this would be obvious.
13. Financial capital and human capital are resources that enterprise has to possess for operation and development.
14. Besides material capital, financial capital, human capital and information capital, the development of enterprises is closely related to their social capital.
15. This dissertation discusses the performing scenario of financial capital and its regular pattern based on the fictitious capital theory.
16. At the background of financial capital globalization, Capital account liberalization is an unconvertible trend.
17. The internationalization and freedom of finance make world's financial capital face great risks.
18. These project the sum are financial capital gross.
19. Now, even as the financial capital, its yield is relatively low.
20. These are not just the shifting form of the economy and the rise of financial capital at the expense of productive capital.
21. The competent procurement department shall formulate and publish the procurement plan according to the approved budget and the using plan of other financial capital.
22. The 74-year-old mayor is credited with helping make Los Angeles the financial capital of the West Coast.
23. Article 7 "Procurer" in these regulations refers to the national authorities, institutions or other social organizations procuring the materials or services with financial capital.
24. Bankers and mining companies have piled into Perth, the financial capital of Western Australia.
25. Information blemish, behavior of the blame reason impulse of adventurer, nearsightedness and anticipate agglutinant etc is foamy of rationality of financial capital blame main contributing factor.
26. In the accounting firms income is allocated between human capital and financial capital.
27. More pervasively, by repeatedly putting the wrong people into the wrong jobs, they waste both human and financial capital when those people don't perform.
28. This, obviously, is what you want to avoid: the perfect correlation between human and financial capital.
29. Enterprise competitive advantage depends on the enterprise social capital as well as enterprise material capital, financial capital, human capital and knowledge capital.
30. It consists of operating of industry and commerce capital, property right, financial capital and invisible capital.
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