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External behavior in a sentence

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(1) Enterprises' environmental behavior is defined as the external behavior ot the enterprises' taking action to make environment's negative externalities internalized .
(2) So I researched the external behavior and the internal behavior between the students and the teachers during the teaching course.
(3) As for the external Behavior Identity, this part is discusses about the Culture Holidays with regional and national characters.
(4) Marxist economic theory examines the external behavior of a society ( lower - right ).
(5) Honesty and faithfulness is not only a person's external behavior of thinking, but also a kind of indispensable intangible assets for existing in society.
(6) Students' view of money, consumption and finance is the external behavior on the view of the world, life and value.
(7) Refactoring is the act of improving the internal structure of code without changing its external behavior 14.
(8) Fortunately, in the late 1990s, Martin Fowler's book Refactoring (see Resources) helped make the practice of improving existing code without changing external behavior — well — cool.
(9) Given China's massive military build-up, its lack of military transparency, and its often provocative external behavior,( Beijing simply cannot be counted on to act responsibly as a global power.
(10) Numerous mainstream software engineering projects have employed use cases successfully to specify an application's external behavior.
(11) A series of small steps, each of which changes the program's internal structure without changing its external behavior.
(12) The idea behind class wrapping is that a target class can be wrapped in a layer of instrumenting code that retains the same external behavior as the class that's wrapped.
(13) Enterprise culture is viewed as a kind of idea and model of management , which is defined as staff's idea , values and external behavior .
(14) Martin Fowler : Refactoring is making changes to a body of code in order to improve its internal structure, without changing its external behavior.
(15) TUGEN integrates the features of data-flow and control-flow test and is based on a formal model called EBE, which specifies only the external behavior of a protocol.
(16) Then the program's action feature was imported using the external behavior and interface as the supplementary information, the feature was mapped to binary code.
(17) They allow us to focus on internal—what is going on inside the child—rather than external behavior.
(18) Teachers inculcate into the minds of the wisdom of our mind the blood, the external behavior.
(19) Unless we understand American internal culture, it is almost impossible to explain external behavior, including our public policies.
(20) The method is based on the formal EBE model that specifies only the external behavior of a protocol.
(21) And until this problem is addressed, no amount of external behavior modification will work.
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