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Epithelia in a sentence

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1) The Table shows the relation of the number of micro-organisms with both bacterial morphology and their modes of contact with gastric epithelium.
2) In addition the monoclonal antibody showed weak cross reactivity with epithelium.
3) Secondly,( there is an enhanced permeability of the abomasal epithelium to macromolecules such as pepsinogen and plasma proteins.
4) Direct studies on cell function are rare due to lack of reliable methods to culture this epithelium.
5) Allison and Johnstone suggested that columnar epithelium occurred in the lower oesophagus, secondary to gastro-oesophageal reflux.
6) The colonic epithelium is in continuous contact with potentially carcinogenic compounds, which enter the body usually as part of the diet.
7) Results Deposits of formazan were found in the colonic epithelium, vascular endothelium, and infiltrating mononuclear cells.
8) The healing process is completed when epithelium grows in from the edge and covers the granulation tissue.
9) Some of the excess chloride ions in the lumen are exchanged for bicarbonate ions at the surface of the epithelium.
10) Electron microscopy showed typical gall bladder epithelia with microvilli, tight junctions, and mucus droplets.
11) ET-1 mRNA and mature peptide have been localised to the pulmonary epithelium of healthy subjects and those with asthma.
12) Although section area and orientation differed among the tissue blocks, the epithelium and lamina propria were easily identified.
13) The bronchial epithelium is hyperplastic and heavily infiltrated by inflammatory cells, particularly eosinophils.
14) On day 6 the ileostomy became dusky red and biopsy revealed early cellular rejection without loss of epithelium.
15) Barrett's oesophagus represents a metaplastic transformation of the normal squamous cell epithelium of the lower tubular oesophagus into columnar epithelium.
16) Biochemical studies of normal colonic epithelium have shown that several different xenobiotic metabolising enzymes have a low activity in colonic epithelium.
17) A superficial layer of benign ciliated columnar epithelia focally overlies multiple layers of dysplastic cells underneath, an observation in support of a pre-existing inverted Schneiderian papilloma.
18) There were many lymphoid nodules under lachrymal gland epithelia in-group A, and few of chickens had semitransparent bursa with jelly inside them at the location of removed Harderian glands.
19) KGF can specifically stimulate the epithelial mitogenesis and regulate the interaction of mesenchyma and epithelia , so it has broad biological functions.
20) Result The cilium columnar epithelia or cylindric cell have be found in sputum of the tracheal, no cell mentioned above was checked in sputum collected from pharyngeal portion.
21) After ovariotomy, the epithelia of the oviduct were atrophied and regressive.
22) Other reports also suggest that in this disease there are circulating antibodies against antigens common to biliary and colonic epithelia.
23) The liver of Alligator sinensis was formed by the endodermal epithelia invigilated from the edge of foregut door and by surrounding mesoderm during early stages of pre-natal development.
24) CLIP - 170 was located in the cytoplasm of airway epithelia and co - located with ? ? - tubulin.
25) Both schizogony and gametogony occur at the place above the nucleus of the epithelia cells of pyloric caeca and anterior intestine.
26) Vitamin A: It can maintain the healthy function of the skin, mucosa and epithelia , it is "the ashman" of free radicals.
27) Though we could not identify the basal membrane and sensory epithelia under micro-endoscopy, the utricle and saccule could be clearly identified.
28) Conclusions Sebaceous gland-like carcinoma is a rare special type of the breast carcinomas , it may originate from sebaceous gland metaplasia of duct epithelia in breast lobule.
29) It has been shown that staining reaction was existed, in mucosal epithelia taken from different segments of tract The gastric mucosa had a negative supranuclear region using HRP-PNA staining method.
30) Results Sialic mucoprotein is a main content in nomal biliary epithelia. Sulfuric mucoprotein was increased during malignant change of biliary epithelia.
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