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Dataset in a sentence

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1) Delphi also defines a number of DataSet actions to edit, delete and navigate through records in a database.
2) Several appropriate datasets are being examined for further temporal changes.
3) The importance of these datasets for the social historian is probably obvious.
4) The personal computer provides a window through which datasets can be explored for hidden and unexpected relations.
5) Datasets are exhaustively indexed by subject, using a controlled vocabulary or thesaurus.
6) Some of these O 3 datasets have been analysed without completely eliminating the dynamical variations related to the quasi-biennial oscillation.
7) The three datasets each included a case group of children at risk, and an appropriate comparison group.
8) Adds a Deskew command to the command dataset.
9) A strongly-typed dataset is added to the project with a collection of all selected data tables (for example the Employee table).
10) The strongly typed DataSet offers advantages over the untyped DataSet in terms of speed and easy maintainability.
11) In order to analyze the structure of a dataset simply and efficiently,( this paper proposes a new clustering algorithm based on minimal spanning tree: MSTCA.
12) The core of the dataset is the feature analysis and metadata for one million songs, provided by The Echo Nest.
13) A three-dimensional dataset of the facial surface of a patient who needed a facial prosthesis was obtained using a sensing system, and the three-dimensional image of the face was reconstructed.
14) In order to cluster multi - density dataset, a clustering algorithm on density - reachable for multi - density is proposed.
15) Remote access to the facility will be provided to users wishing to analyse large datasets.
16) In addition, it is planned to produce a number of purpose-built datasets for research and teaching purposes.
17) It is also a politically neutral location which is vital with respect to some of the datasets it contains.
18) Loading and storing the data Manchester Computing Centre has a crucial role to play in the care of the datasets.
19) Indicates a locale under which to compare strings within the DataSet.
20) Keep in mind that when you use a typed DataSet, if the corresponding schema changes in the underlying database table, you will need to synchronize the schema in the typed DataSet.
21) This code block exemplifies the fact that the code using the untyped DataSet is not as elegant as the code that was written using the strongly typed DataSet.
22) What data should the data adapter load into the dataset?
23) The paper tries to apply the XML text retrieval methods to long text enviroment, and uses Chinese thesis as a dataset.
24) With the N-Tier improvements for Entity Framework, we want to address some of the same problem space as DataSet, but we want to avoid the primary issues with it.
25) This program accepts an operation code and a record key as inputs, then reads the VSAM dataset and returns the record back to CICS.
26) The proposed method began by choosing some instances from unlabeled dataset that are most similar to one labeled example in labeled dataset, and assigning them the corresponding ranker.
27) Drag a database object from a data connection in Server Explorer onto the Dataset Designer surface.
28) Data source controls may optionally cache the results of the SELECT command all the time when the DataSourceMode is DataSet.
29) Requested file action aborted. Exceeded storage allocation ( for current directory or dataset ) .
30) This is not a big deal because when you use an untyped DataSet you would still likely have to change some client code if the underlying schema changes.
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