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Computational method in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2023-07-22Updated:2023-07-22
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1, Specifically has produced the demand price elastic definition, computational method, significance explanation, and its applies to the commercial activity concrete example.
2, Presents the computational method of the minimum intake and exhaust air rate with an example, and puts forward some common existed problems in projects and their solutions.
3, Non-iterative computational method for the nonlinear time-history response of base-isolated structures equipped with lead-rubber hearings (LRB) was presented.
4, In this paper, a computational method for coplanar disk-shaped cracks within an elastic infinite body is presented.
5, Introduced effective yield ( rate ) computational method and the principle that adjust finished product length.
6, The relationships between computational method of system SNR and the wrong alarm ratio were analyzed.
7, The jet flow radiation computational method of axis - symmetry nozzle and rectangle nozzle are also discussed.
8, In this article one of new computational method was probed for ratio of composite gear trains.
9, This paper revises the computational method of PQI by weighed geometric mean and demonstrates the reasonability of the revision.
10, But its logic system and computational method researches are all in the early stage.
11, Fundamentals of the computational method ( matrix formulation and analysis ) are presented and discussed.
12, The computational method of solving heat exchanger network by using line - up competition algorithm is proposed.
13, A new computational method for inverse matrices is obtained based on Schmidt orthogonalization.
14, In this paper a computational method for determining the temperature distribution in the high voltage Winding of dry epoxy resin distribution power transformer is suggested.
15, As part of the first- and second-year laboratory courses, all students undertake short introductory courses on computational methods.
16, Both has a lot of similar place on meaning and computational method, but they are distinguishing.
17, By analyzing the characteristics of dynamics and using the momentum theory and blade theory,( method.html) a computational method of helicopter rotor power and available power is deduced.
18, The on-line monitor uses data gathered from the scene combined with computational method of boiler Efficiency to monitor the function of the boiler.
19, The investment of general and energy - saving device is note: Computational method.
20, By application to a certain tidal river showed that the computational method both in theory and practice were feasible.
21, Specifically has producecl the demand price elastic definition , computational method, significance explanation , and its applies to the commercial activity concrete example.
22, The kinds and the characters of concentration of Fenggang county are stated, the computational method of impoundment engineering volume and catchment area of a family for 4 people is given.
23, The same frequency simple harmonic oscillation synthesis speed and the acceleration computational method is basic theories to study the ultrasonic wave.
24, Therein, on some difficulties, such as the applicable ranges of the compensation value, the computational system and the computational method will be mainly expatiated on.
25, Critical velocity of U-tube arrays is analysised for the first time, the computational method and the calculating formulas are given.
26, Although Scheme B considers the condensation latent heat, the curvature of wet adiabat is not considered in the computational method.
27, In view of the rigid link flexible joint, the industry mechanical arm which actuates by the flexible planet gear, this paper proposed one kind of new modeling and the computational method.
28, A indirect method of measuring semiconductor PN junction characteristic parameters is proposed, and the convergence property of the numerical computational method used in this method is proved.
29, The circuit simulation tool is take the circuit theory, the value computational method and the computer technology as the foundation realization.
30, The method of cells and micromechanics in conjunction with the computational method is employed in this investigation to determine the local and average stress strain fields within the composite.
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