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Circadian rhythm in a sentence

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Similar words: circadianarcadianrhythmrhythmicbiorhythmarrhythmicrhythmicalarrhythmiaMeaning: n. a daily cycle of activity observed in many living organisms. 
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1 When you remain awake all night, your circadian rhythm does not cease.
2 The circadian rhythm you feel as wakefulness and sleepiness is the result of internal body changes.
3 The circadian rhythm persisted after pinealectomy , but disappeared after constant light exposure. (2) The response of SCN neurons to MEL was mainly inhibitory.
4 Conclusion Ventricular repolaization time had circadian rhythm ( long at night, short in day ).
5 Conclusions The circadian rhythm of blood pressure has good stability.
6 Thus, a circadian rhythm is one that varies through a roughly 24 - hour cycle.
7 When we sleep, sleep long, by regulation of circadian rhythm system and self-balancing system management.
8 Objective To observe the effect of circadian rhythm on hypnotic median effective dose( ED50) of ketamine.
9 Results The adverse reactions of chemotherapy according circadian rhythm were lower than that of routine chemotherapy.
10 Sleeping late on weekends can too disunite your circadian rhythm.
11 Exercise will raise your body temperature, allowing you to adjust to your new circadian rhythm.
12 The more regular your schedule, the easier it is to retrain your circadian rhythm in a twenty-four-hour time period.
13 Body rhythm is known as the inner clock or circadian rhythm.
14 To understand how exercise affects sleep, you must understand the circadian rhythm of the human body.
15 Constant light and pinealectomy can destroy the function of circadian rhythm system.
16 Enhancing, occupation of file handling crew are languorous with circadian rhythm bEing accelerated and actuating pressure already become the assignable occupational disease.
17 Increasingly, researchers seeing bipolar disorder as a disturbance of rhythm . ( For example , circadian rhythm ).
18 Objective To compare the adverse reactions of routine chemotherapy and Chemotherapy according circadian rhythm.
19 Objective To find the relation between diabetic retinopathy and blood pressure or circadian rhythm.
20 Enhancing, occupation of file handling crew are languorous with circadian rhythm being accelerated and actuating pressure already become the assignable occupational disease.
21 And shift workers and frequent fliers can develop a circadian rhythm disorder.
22 A man named Yan was explaining the science behind sleep and the circadian rhythm.
23 When scientists examined the pair's DNA, they found a mutation in a gene called DEC2,( which governs cell production and circadian rhythm.
24 They also displayed altered activity in key genes that control the roughly 24 - hour circadian rhythm.
25 Objective To explore the transductive relationship between pineal, central nuclei of suprachiasmatic nucleus and dorsal raphe , and peripheral lymphocyte in terms of circadian rhythm.
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