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Average cost in a sentence

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Similar words: averageon averagecoveragebeverageleveragestagecoachover and over againpentecostMeaning: n. total cost for all units bought (or produced) divided by the number of units. 
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1 The average cost of a new house has gone up by 5% to £76 500.
2 A total of 3.6 million tickets at an average cost of $58 are available for the Games.
3 The average cost of making a movie has risen by 15%.
4 The average cost of a full three-course meal - appetizer, main course and dessert - including tip and a modest wine is about $25.
5 Firms set prices as a mark up over average cost.
6 The average cost then increases at a slower rate and eventually approaches the marginal cost.
7 The average cost of an entry level camera is $ 60 to $ 70, Glazer said.
8 In Figure 2.7 two alternative average cost curves are shown.
9 The average cost of recording a pop single was in thousands rather than hundreds of pounds.
10 Customer complaints dropped off sharply, as did the average cost of a typical call.
11 But when the average cost curve is falling the marginal cost curve lies below average cost.
12 Let us compare that cost with the average cost in the Tennessee Valley of $ 166 per kilowatt of capacity.
13 The average cost is £15 for travelling expenses plus £5 for the straw of semen.
14 These should be related to the average cost of the services.
15 In particular, let the average cost curves for firms in one country lie everywhere below those in the other.
16 The average cost of a Bryant home was cut from £90,000 to £86,000 last year.
17 The lower courts have approved the average cost basis, as contended by the Crown.
18 The average cost per item for the total population was £6.03.
19 The average cost of capital is primarily of interest in capital structure management.
20 It is an average cost curve for citizens for a constant level of output.
21 Turnround time for the information is some four days and the average cost £12.
22 This possibility depends on a wedge between price and marginal, not average cost.
23 The price in column 4 is simply 20 percent on the corresponding average cost from year 2 onwards.
24 The purpose of these calculations has been to demonstrate that rising average cost is consistent with natural monopoly.
25 Large economies of scale mean that marginal cost lies below average cost.
26 I concede at once,[] the language is ambiguous and I see the strength of the linguistic argument in favour of the average cost construction.
27 This marginal cost will, of course, also increase the average cost, but the average cost will increase more slowly.
28 Output is allocated among plants so that all are producing at the lowest point on their average cost curves.
29 The single-product equivalent, which has a trivial solution - set price equal to average cost - is illustrated in figure 2.4.
30 At the peak of efficiency, the marginal cost of production equals the average cost of production.
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