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Alluvial soil in a sentence

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Similar words: antediluviansoilalsoshop-soiledsoil erosiontoilsomefinal solutionnuptialsMeaning: n. a fine-grained fertile soil deposited by water flowing over flood plains or in river beds. 
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1. Altdorf is sited on alluvial soil where the Schachen side valley enters the Reuss valley from the east.
2. The alluvial soil on which the city stood was frozen all year round but thawed a few feet down during the summer.
3. Peaty alluvial soils characteristically have an O horizon which usually occurs at the surface but can be interbedded with freshwater alluvial sediments.
4. Saline alluvial soils have high levels of exchangeable sodium and the effects of gleying are clearly evident.
5. Mineral alluvial soils have an A horizon and the effects of gleying can be present.
6. Alluvial soil A type of soil formed on river floodplains and deltas, where new sediment is deposited on the land during floods.
7. Like much of east India, Shahabpur has rich alluvial soil, a gift of the Ganges, which flows three miles to the south.
8. The main type of soils on the Yellow River Flood Plain in North China is called Chaotu(alluvial soil) by Chinese.
9. So the Yellow River alluvial soil expresses some engineering characteristics, such as, difficultly to be compacted and stabilized with inorganic binder, and large foundation depression.
10. The land is rich alluvial soil, much of which is so sandy that borders looks more like dark-coloured, plumped-up sand dunes than earth.
11. Moreover, THg concentrations decreased from alluvial soil, shrub soil to forest soil in a sample site, and they decreased with increasing depth in soil profiles.
12. Downstream water flow slow, siltation of the alluvial soil more and more, forming a great many of the Delta islands.
13. Myricaria laxiflora, on the other hand, prefers the alluvial soil with sand and gravel in subtropics climate. The soil is of weak alkalinity, has low content of nutrient but moderate salt.
14. He loved the smell of the woods, and the damp alluvial soil that covered these mountains like a blanket.
15. The natural zeolite had significant potential in phosphate preserving and supplying in alluvial soil.
16. China was born on the banks of the Yellow River, where the silt-laden water, rich alluvial soil[ soil.html], and the harvested wheat all share the same yellow hue.
17. The three major soil types in this region are the paddy soil, the alluvial soil, and the salt swamp soil.
18. Applying 5 kg N and skg P2O5 Per mu as seed manure and 5kg N at the stage of three leaves is the technology of economic high - yield fertilization to realize the yield 300 kg per mu on alluvial soil.
19. Because the region around New Orleans is composed of alluvial soil, there is no paving material close at hand.
20. Although the region had experienced moderate seismic activity in the past, the city of Tangshan has been built on unstable, alluvial soil.
21. He, together with a team of 750 people, have uncovered ancient city and harbor walls and recovered thousands of artifacts from the deep alluvial soil.
22. Due to the higher buffer capacity of yellow soil, the risk of P release from it when flooded is less than that of purple soil or alluvial soil.
23. Results show that response at surface points of the alluvial soil deposit are amplified significantly for given conditions of shape, dimension and material properties of the soil and the canyon.
24. The parent material for the two locations is river alluvial soil.
25. Chosan to Linjiang in the middle, a large number of riverbed silt alluvial soil, winter shallow In some areas, and even down under the raft can not be passed.
26. Tianjin is actually a port area located on the alluvial soil shaped by the Hai River.
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