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A body of in a sentence

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Sentence count:60Posted:2016-07-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: bodymind youbloodycustodylay offbuy offpay offplayoff
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1. A body of evidence emerged suggesting that smoking tobacco caused serious diseases.
2. You have a body of knowledge.
3. A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody. Thomas Paine 
4. The kinetic energy lost by a body of mass m rising through the same distance is remarkably similar:.
5. Boniface expresses a body of tradition violently hostile to the king.
6. To see a black smoke is to see a body of ore actually being formed.
7. One such regulation prohibited a body of troops on the march from occupying the whole street.
8. This blown vessel has a body of translucent cobalt blue glass, with a casing of opaque white glass.
9. The supreme leader is appointed by a body of experts who are elected by the people.
10. A hypothesis should be related to a body of theory.
10. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
11. But there is a body of opinion that programme evaluation can be executed without the laying down of programme aims and objectives.
12. A body of soldiers in sports kit marched past at a slow, rhythmic pace, singing loudly.
13. A body of water controlled by a barrier.
14. An ocean is a body of water.
15. To cross ( a body of water ) by a ferry.
16. But must be a body of son, otherwise double ly decrepitude.
17. A lake is a body of water surrounded by land.
18. Figure 7 - 12 shows a body of mass m on a level surface.
19. Not surprisingly, he had a body of friends as big as nearby Lake Erie.
20. This African-themed exhibit with African huts and a body of water, houses endangered birds like the Shoebill, the African Crowned Crane, the Saddle- Billed Stork and more.
21. Pollution shortens considerably the life expectancy of a body of water.
22. Foreseeing the need to elect his successor when the time came, Omar designated a body of electors charged with the task.
23. Dispersion: This is the ability of a detergent to break up a body of dirt into fine particles.
24. The most prevalent view was that physical science consisted of a body of hard, certain and fundamental knowledge.
25. If we look to laws external to the family we can begin to develop a body of substantive analyses guided by theory.
26. Once more the tinsmith came to my help and made me a body of tin, fastening my tin arms and legs and head to it, by means of joints, so that I could move around as well as ever.
27. The term ontology is sometimes used to refer to a body of knowledge describing some domain (see below), typically a common sense knowledge domain, using a representational vocabulary.
28. The Society of Friends (in full, Religious Society of Friends), is the designation of a body of Christians more commonly known as Quakers.
29. The CFA Program is an educational program that tests your mastery of a body of knowledge through a series of exams.
30. According to psycholinguistics, a schema is a structure in semantic memory that specifies the general or expected arrangement of a body of information.
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