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Succeeding in a sentence

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Similar words: succeed insucceedproceedingproceedingsexceedinglysuccessfeedingbleedingMeaning: [sək'sɪːd] adj. 1. coming after or following 2. (of elected officers) elected but not yet serving. 
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1. Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth. 
2. Perseverance is falling nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth.
3. There is little probability of his succeeding / that he will succeed.
4. Money tends to flow to businesses that are succeeding.
5. There are heavy odds against people succeeding in such a bad economic climate.
6. Almost from its beginnings, New York has produced succeeding generations of intellectuals.
7. Succeeding generations have added to the stock of stories and legends.
8. Strands of DNA are reproduced through succeeding generations.
9. They have small hope of succeeding.
10. Over the succeeding weeks things went from bad to worse.
11. You were overdosed on succeeding then.
12. These problems are further discussed in the succeeding chapters in sections on mastery, criteria and feasibility.
13. If you can actually see yourself succeeding and honestly believe that you can succeed, then you will.
14. In succeeding weeks, the headaches eased but not his parents counsel.
15. In the succeeding chapters, the role of carers, paid and unpaid, is explored at considerable length.
16. Over the succeeding years he repaid their great kindness with massive generosity.
17. Each succeeding generation has made a guy in the semblance of somebody they didn't care for.
17. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
18. By producing an heir, the Queen effectively removed her cousin's hopes of succeeding to the throne.
19. Let's be brutally honest about this: you haven't a hope of succeeding.
20. Problems with childcare remain the biggest barrier to women succeeding at work.
21. Judging by the opinion polls, he seems to be succeeding.
22. Money tends to flow to businesses that are already succeeding.
23. We need to sift out the applications that have no chance of succeeding.
24. Far more hoards have survived from both these relatively short periods than from the immediately preceding or succeeding periods.
25. This kind of family care is not merely between parents and succeeding generations of children.
26. It pattered quietly in the distance, each small wave softly succeeding the next.
27. In 1040 the Normans took over the area and its great cathedral churches date from the succeeding 100 years.
28. In this sense fitness is measurable by the number of offspring surviving in succeeding generations.
29. It will also be considered in some detail in parts of succeeding chapters on alphabetical indexing languages and alphabetical indexing systems.
30. Catherine of Siena enshrined in the artistic golden sarcophagus which has been admired by succeeding generations of her clients.
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