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Upbringing in a sentence

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Synonym: breedingbringing upfosteragefosteringnurtureraisingrearingSimilar words: bring inringingengineeringmudslingingcoming inchangingbelongingscavengingMeaning: n. 1. properties acquired during a person's formative years 2. helping someone grow up to be an accepted member of the community. 
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1. Mine was a conventional family upbringing.
2. I wonder what it was about her upbringing that made her so insecure.
3. The children had had a harsh upbringing.
4. Martin's upbringing shaped his whole life.
5. He had a normal middle - class upbringing.
6. His dissolute life is inconsistent with his puritan upbringing.
7. Her political consciousness sprang from her upbringing when her father's illness left the family short of money.
8. We are inescapably conditioned by our upbringing.
9. Her French upbringing gives her certain advantages over other students in her class.
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10. He finally rebelled against his strict upbringing.
11. He rebelled against his puritanical upbringing.
12. Mike had had a strict upbringing.
13. I thought that my upbringing was "normal", whatever that is.
14. My upbringing prepared me for anything.
15. We have all been conditioned by our upbringing.
16. He reacted strongly against his religious upbringing.
17. He was a Catholic by upbringing.
18. They gave their children a strict Catholic upbringing.
19. His dissolute life is inconsistent with his Puritan upbringing.
20. Part of his upbringing had been not to question his elders.
21. Upbringing plays an important part in determining a person's character.
22. His manners argue a good upbringing.
23. Her unselfish act reflects well on her upbringing.
24. Her country upbringing explains her love of nature.
25. A knowledge of her upbringing is basic to an understanding of her books.
26. Her upbringing had given her the social skills to cope with such situations.
27. This is to help her to come to terms with her early upbringing and make sense of past experiences.
28. Is it right to say all the crimes he committed were simply the result of his upbringing?
29. Her rebellious attitude is just a reaction against her strict upbringing.
30. Some of the Buddhists came from Sri Lanka, South-East Asia and East, while others were Westerners by birth and upbringing.
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