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Raging in a sentence

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Similar words: encouragingdisparagingdrag inmanagingtragicfragileimaginaryfragilityMeaning: [reɪdʒ] adj. 1. characterized by violent and forceful activity or movement; very intense 2. very severe 3. (of the elements) as if showing violent anger. 
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1. After heavy rain, the little stream becomes a raging torrent.
2. The field trip involved crossing a raging torrent.
3. I was in a raging temper.
4. Within minutes the house had become a raging inferno.
5. A blizzard was raging but the boy and girl were all bundled up.
6. The fire had become a raging blaze.
7. The blizzard was still raging outside.
8. He had a raging fever all night.
9. Heavy rainfall turned the river into a rushing/raging torrent.
10. If raging inflation returns, then interest rates will shoot up.
11. The argument over the new airport is still raging.
12. Maggie woke up with a raging thirst .
13. Controversy is raging over the route of the new motorway.
14. Forest fires were raging out of control.
15. The debate is still raging, both in print and on the radio and television.
16. Richard developed a raging headache and had to lie down.
17. After the winter rains, the stream becomes a raging torrent .
18. A massive forest fire is still raging in western Java.
19. She was desperately trying to calm the inferno raging within her.
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20. She woke up with a raging thirst and a pounding headache.
21. Monroe was on the phone, raging about her mistreatment by the brothers.
22. The rains had turned the stream into a raging torrent.
23. The show was a raging success.
24. The team was left raging at the referee's decision.
25. A debate is raging about what form pensions should take.
26. The stream had become a raging torrent.
27. Civil war has been raging in the country for years.
28. She was burnt in a raging fire while working in a factory.
29. After five days of heavy rain the Telle river was a raging torrent .
30. From the way he talks anyone would think I was a raging revolutionary.
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