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Window dressing in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-06-06Updated:2017-06-06
Similar words: dressing downdressing-downdressingdressing gowndressing roomdressing tablecaressingpressingMeaning: n. 1. a showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant 2. the decoration of shop windows. 
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1. All these glossy pamphlets are just window dressing - the fact is that the new mall will ruin the neighborhood.
2. The measures are little more than window dressing that will fade fast once investors take a hard look at them.
3. The reforms have been interpreted as window dressing.
4. The proposal seems no more than a window dressing exercise.
5. Window dressing isn't visual deceit if the window display accurately represents what the school is about.
6. Hence the unmarked grave; still part of the window dressing.
7. The Raiders passing game was mere window dressing.
8. It is, by itself, little more than window dressing on the part of the Government.
9. Twelve Zekes were used as window dressing for the Akagi scenes.
10. The reforms are seen as window dressing.
11. This effect may be the result of window dressing by the fund managing companies.
12. The environmental protection measures are window dressing in form, just like the window dressing style economy.
12. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
13. The visual styling is more than just window dressing.
14. The existence of window dressing has its theories origin.
15. This little book is the window dressing for his French course.
16. This shop's window dressing is elegant.
17. This is not simply window dressing - it results in genuine cost savings.
18. We will see whether the'save our cities " campaign is for real or just window dressing.
19. Never mind the extra day's holiday, the free health care, and all the other window dressing in the company's offer - the point is, how much more money are we getting?
20. Granted some of the images are a little sanitised, but the good intentions can be clearly read through the window dressing.
21. It is probably patronising to say that in both cases the window dressing is up to Kensington standards, but it is.
22. We think that a couple of buy-outs will be allowed to succeed as a form of window dressing.
23. Critics say that the organization's call to include more minorities is just window dressing.
24. If we can't address this, then all the rest is window dressing.
25. Yes, President Hamid Karzai is a Pashtun, but that's window dressing.
26. Clearly in such cases the sophisticated methodology is as mere window dressing for decisions already made.
27. More radical critics will argue that 10:10 is just "feelgood" window dressing designed to paper over the cracks in a broken economic model.
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