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Wave number in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2020-03-17Updated:2020-03-17
Similar words: wavenumberaverage numbernegative numberpositive numberconsecutive numbersrenumbermode numbercode numberMeaning: n. the reciprocal of the wavelength of a wave. 
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1. The calculations show that in the low wave number band, the outer surface is stable, while the feedthrough growth on the inner surface is rapid, resulting in the observed pha.
2. The derivation of eigenvalue problem for characteristic wave number is carried out based on Maxwell equations.
3. The perturbation growth rate, critical wave number and critical Reynolds number are affected by thermal non - equilibrium effect .
4. This is the wave number of the largest business groups.
5. The perturbation growth rate, critical wave number and critical number are affected by thermal non - equilibrium effect.
6. There is an indefiniteness in the wave number that is related to the finite length of the train.
7. The wave number and thickness of lining are analyzed in this paper.
8. As well as the frequency spectrum, one can define wave number spectra - Fourier transforms of the space correlations.
9. Coefficients of dynamic stress concentration change with lining aperture, thickness of lining, wave number and type of lining.
10. The results show that the dispersion relation is linearly proportional to the wave number under long wavelength limit.
11. He came up with the relationship that nu bar, which is called wave number --He found the reciprocal.
12. The neutral stability curves and the character parameters are given, including the temporal and spatial growth rate, the critical wave number, the maximum wave number and the wave celerity.
13. The calculated results show that the influence region of roughness on the film thicknesses can be divided into two parts:the large wave number part and small wave number part.
14. The results show that the transition more likely happen under the situations with high azimuthal wave number and speed, and at a relatively low mach number and high Reynolds number.
15. The statistically optimal planar near-field acoustical holography (SOPNAH) was introduced, a simple and effective method was proposed to choose the wave number vector.
16. In time integration, the time step is taken as a function of wave number.
17. The break-up process of metallic melts during gas atomization and spray forming is analyzed using the wave theory and the governing equation for fastest-growing wave number is derived.
18. The results show that the content of water is directly proportional to the integral area of the corresponding wave number range in the spectra of the water remained.
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19. Differently, amplitude spectra of the mesoscale heat fluxes, besides wave number corresponding to heterogeneous length scale, still have several peaks at other wave numbers.
20. Additionally, a wave-shaped beam of aeroplane structure is optimized and the influence of wave number on the structural buckling stability and stiffness is discussed.
21. This paper focuses on the perturbation which takes the sine form. The effect of amplitude, frequency, wave number, and initial phase difference on the propagation of optical soliton is investigated.
22. The sound pressure at near distance under free field was computed by using the wave number integration and the basic characteristics of the radiated noise were analyzes.
23. It is also found that there are multiple Solutions of the propagating mode with imaginary transverse wave number for certain component parameters, and the mode has the high-frequency cutoff.
24. Periodic structures generally exhibit passband and stopband characteristics in various bands of wave number determined by the nature of the structure.
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