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Unjustly in a sentence

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Sentence count:40+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-04-04Updated:2017-04-04
Antonym: justlySimilar words: unjustifiableinjusticejustadjustjust asjust nowghastlymostlyMeaning: adv. in an unjust manner. 
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1) Let's not devalue her work unjustly.
2) His claim to be an important and unjustly neglected painter is sheer self-deception - he's no good at all.
3) The King was unjustly accused of practising the black arts.
4) She was unjustly imprisoned without trial.
5) The newspapers had unjustly labelled him as a coward.
6) The newspapers had unjustly labelled him a troublemaker.
7) She was unjustly accused of stealing money and then given the sack.
8) They have been unjustly dispossessed of their hometown.
9) She is an excellent and unjustly neglected author.
10) He has been unjustly dispossessed of his country.
11) It's unfair to devalue anyone's work unjustly.
12) She felt that she had been unjustly treated.
13) She shouted out that she was unjustly imprisoned.
14) Obviously I haven't done it. You retaliated unjustly.
15) She believed the rumor and blamed her friend unjustly.
16) Let's not devalue his work unjustly.
17) He was unjustly blamed by his immediate supperior.
18) He was unjustly singled out for punishment.
19) She is unjustly famous for beginning a recipe for jugged hare with the phrase "First catch your hare" she never wrote that.
20) The newspapers had unjustly labeled him as a coward.
21) The newspaper had unjustly labeled him ( as ) a coward.
22) An arcane spell caster is unjustly accused of starting a devastating fire with a badly aimed (or miscast) spell.
23) Their claim for freedom rests not on innocence, but on being unjustly imprisoned.
24) The Communists dutifully echoed his admission, disclosing that even loyal Vietminh veterans had been unjustly tried and executed.
25) Andrew Jackson, the first president from the western frontier, was unjustly accused of bigamy and derided as an unschooled ignoramus.
26) And the fact that some boys may have been whipped unjustly fifty years ago does not make that injustice more palatable today.
27) In the real world, men actually lack respect for justice,( and often treat others unfairly and unjustly. Dr T.P.Chia 
28) She shouted at those waiting about how she had been unjustly treated.
29) We are taught, correctly, that forgiveness is sublime, but often forgiveness leaves us unjustly suspended in emotional conflict.
30) Your agency may is reexamine as your sale during period unjustly your effort and activity.
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