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Seventy-five in a sentence

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Sentence count:66Posted:2019-12-02Updated:2019-12-02
Similar words: twenty-fivetwenty-five percentseventy-fourseventy-sevenseventyseventy-oneseventy-twotwenty-seventhMeaning: adj. being five more than seventy. 
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1. It'll cost them the princely sum of seventy-five pounds.
2. He's a sprightly old man of seventy-five.
3. A man of seventy-five dies of a heart condition and inside four days his son is shot dead.
4. Frankie, who was seventy-five, died on Easter Sunday but was an entertainer right to the end.
5. Seventy-five percent or more of the outer surface must he covered with skin either attached or used as a wrap.
6. Seventy-five percent of California's immigrants are foreign-born, and that proportion is likely to increase.
7. Seventy-five words absolute maximum per entry, but you may submit as many entries as you like.
8. Clement founded seventy-five churches in his absence from Rome.
9. They're restoring seventy-five thousand wills before putting them on microfilm.
10. Seventy-five percent of Americans think that women are more sensual than men, according to a survey commissioned by Revlon.
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11. We rent out one of the rooms for seventy-five dollars a month.
12. At seventy-five feet Sea Dragon had been larger than Hsu Fu and a much more substantial vessel than a flimsy bamboo raft.
13. He pay seventy-five cents for the record and he make two hundred dollars off it.
14. Out to a distance of seventy-five kilometers, windows are blown in and shards of glass are accelerated to high speeds.
15. Pigneau de Behaine was more than vindicated seventy-five years after his bold voyage to Versailles.
16. A maximum of seventy-five shareholders. S corporations may not have more than Seventy-five shareholders.
17. She wouldn't have got seventy-five thousand for that place, not with the planning permission on the land behind.
18. Seventy-five percent of the teams in the tourney are done for the year, but the ostensibly underachieving Cats are still alive.
19. Seventy-five percent of couples said sleeping together all the time was a turn-off.
20. A soldier saw it, fired at about seventy-five yards distance, and missed it.
21. He wanted to set up seventy-five gatherings a year!
22. They got an unreal turnover, something like seventy-five million a year.
23. Seventy-five year old Marcel Callow has been practising his art for more than fifty years.
24. Death and Dishonour A seventy-five year old lady was refused admission to four hospitals after suffering a heart attack recently.
25. For now... there rang out the voice of Abraham Lincoln calling for seventy-five thousand volunteers for three months.
26. Six years earlier, the museum had exhibited the same seventy-five pieces,( loaned by the trustee and benefactor.
27. Estimates of his losses by four people close to the situation range between thirty-five and seventy-five million dollars.
28. In response to demands for figures of loyalists arrested, the police first announced that 130 nationalists and seventy-five loyalists were arrested.
29. But the wind tunnel specifications called for this wall to be able to withstand seventy-five pounds a square foot.
30. There was another memorable face, that of the attorney NamSoon Hong, seventy-five, whom I interviewed for a story.
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