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Retinae in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-11-13Updated:2017-11-13
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1. Images are projected onto the retina of the eye.
2. If a person is short - sighted, images are focused in front of their retina.
3. It danced about briefly on my retinas, then disappeared.
4. Their inputs come directly from the retina.
5. Many sufferers go blind by the age of 30 or 40 because of damage to the retina.
6. They are gathered together from all over the retina into a single bundle, which is the optic nerve for that eye.
7. Never look straight at the sun. Any damage to the retina could cause permanent blindness.
8. The alabaster face of Rogal Dorn branded his retinas: a crag of a face, with lush tough lips.
9. The coding process begins while en route between the retina and our conscious mind.
10. The type of neuron found in the retina is shown in figure 4. 2 as an example.
11. The best known example of the phenomenon is in cells of the retina, where its effect is to heighten contrast.
12. Instead, some of the simpler computations are performed in the retina itself.
13. The image of the insect may pass over the edge of my retina rather than the more acute central region.
14. In short-sighted people, images are brought into focus just in front of the retina, so distant things are blurred.
15. Then let Vibes soothe your frazzled retinas in glorious monochrome!
16. Without it the retinas of their eyes would rapidly deteriorate.
17. Retin-A won FDA approval in 1971 as a prescription drug for the treatment of severe acne.
18. Behind the retina lies the anterior chamber, filled with the aqueous humour.
19. That was followed by a series of appearances on talk shows by doctors who extolled Retin-A as a wrinkle treatment.
20. From this function, the number of ganglion cells found in any specified patch of the retina may be evaluated numerically.
21. Results The retinae were completely reattached in 49 eyes(98.0%).
22. Objective To observe the effect of pigmentosa retinae treated by Chinese herb medicine point injection.
22. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
23. Severely coagulated retinae by argon laser of 20 Chinese hamsters were investigated with transmission electron-microscopy.
24. The world got clearer, as if some one were twiddling the focus of her retinae.
25. Objective It is to evaluate the effect of ligustrazine on severe commotio retinae.
26. Conclusion This new surgery technique can effectively reduce the toxic effect of ICG on the retina around the MR and protect the macula lutea retinae.
27. Objective:To investigate the feasibility and efficacy of hyperbaric oxygenation in contusion of eyeball and severe commotio retinae .
28. Conclusion:Used with the method of traditional Chinese medicine combined western medicine for periphlebitis retinae, we got fastest and better efficacy than western medicine.
29. Objective To research on the possible mechanism of male macula retinae.
30. Results: (1) EPO detectation: The expression of EPO was observed in the retinae of both normal and ischemic rats, localized primarily within the inner retina.
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