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Pick off in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: pick outpickback ofknock offpickuppick upstick outfor lack ofMeaning: v. 1. shoot one by one 2. pull or pull out sharply pick-off. n. a baseball play in which a base runner is caught off base and tagged out. 
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1. Don't pick off any of these flowers.
2. It took him quite some time to pick off the burs that had stuck to his coat.
3. Pick off all the dead leaves.
4. It is relatively easy for newcomers to pick off the most lucrative business and ignore the rest.
5. Pick off just the first flush of flowers from the ever-bearing kinds.
6. Pick off all affected or deteriorating leaves, and if necessary, spray with an appropriate fungicide such as Benlate.
7. You should not pick off any of the flowers.
8. Let me pick off the dust on your coat.
9. Which have remedial myopia? Help me glasses pick off!
10. Pick off all the apples on the tree.
11. How can pick off glasses?
12. Birds may pick off the flowers.
13. You can even pick off enemies from a distance with a scope rifle.
14. Pick off the snake man ! Get on him ! Rattle his cage!
15. 'If I durst,'said the captain,'I'd stop and pick off another man.'
16. Result operation fails, zhang San by wrong pick off lienal, advocate knife doctor is dismissed.
17. Can't I just pick off one of the little sick ones?
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18. Our purpose wants pick off namely a few have bias medium to China' blinkers '.
19. In these times well financed companies can afford to tread water and pick off suitable acquisitions without pressure.
20. Red Deer Commission stalkers have been helping estate staff in the Angus glens pick off marauding deer destroying farmlands.
21. About the only way to eliminate Argulus is to remove the sea horses and pick off the parasites with a tweezers.
22. With complete disregard for his own life, Corpsman Grant ran over to me, even though the sniper was still trying to pick off other targets.
23. One infantryman had a rifle with a scope and could pick off enemy soldiers at quite a distance.
24. Just have one behind your forces that leave husks, and pick off the units that fall.
25. Small numbers of ground troops were going in to pick off Hizbullah posts near the border.
More similar words: pick outpickback ofknock offpickuppick upstick outfor lack ofkickclickbricktrickwalk offmark offwork offthink ofbreak offback onstick totopiccheck outknock outblack outto speak ofgo back ondepictfall back onpictureOlympictypical
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