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Orthodoxy in a sentence

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Antonym: heresySimilar words: orthodoxunorthodoxorthodontistmethodologyorthopedicethoxymethodmethodicalMeaning: n. 1. the quality of being orthodox (especially in religion) 2. a belief or orientation agreeing with conventional standards. 
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31. Taken together, these studies comprise a substantial body of work notable for its diversity, its competence and its orthodoxy.
32. By making an example of Holy Trinity he could punish his Jesuit adversaries and demonstrate his orthodoxy in a single swoop.
33. True, bolder challenges to orthodoxy, especially when they touched upon the role played by the party, provoked fierce resistance.
34. While Bourdieu's self-deprecatory claims to priesthood and orthodoxy turn out to be a cover for a very avant-garde sociology of culture.
35. The traditionalist rabbinate viewed Modern Orthodoxy with a good deal of alarm.
36. Methodological orthodoxy seems to be the price many feminist psychologists pay to be considered psychologists.
37. The militancy of sectarian party orthodoxy is fused with the militancy of rebellion against personal oppression.
38. Imaginations fettered by today's highly successful orthodoxy will break free.
39. The young magistrate had embraced orthodoxy with the fervour of a recent convert.
40. It was also in the interest of secular rulers that Catholic orthodoxy was maintained.
41. The state, for Fine and Harris, is more autonomous than in Soviet orthodoxy,[] although they remain instrumentalists.
42. Early feminists challenged the social and political orthodoxy of their time.
43. Hence without the existence of heterodoxy and orthodoxy, collective struggles diminish greatly in importance in traditional societies.
44. By the late 1980s, then, a new moral orthodoxy in relation to blooddoping had been established.
45. Economic orthodoxy over the past decade has rightly stressed the role of the private sector in development.
46. They are not neutral with respect to what is seen to be the current orthodoxy.
47. You can precisely determine the orthodoxy of scientists' opinions by getting them to place themselves on that continuum.
48. It was newly furnished in a style guaranteed not to offend, a nice compromise of bureaucratic orthodoxy and modern functionalism.
49. Orthodoxy and national identity were inextricably intertwined, and religious leaders became the spokesmen of national revolt.
50. Through such thought and writing the spirit of Dicey was fashioned into orthodoxy in public law.
51. Critics raised their voices with the consciousness of challenging a ruling orthodoxy.
52. Although the aims of these events were far from revolutionary, they gave the supporters of Francoist orthodoxy particular pause.
53. Evidence introduced to bolster orthodoxy in one field frequently carried unforeseen implications for conventional wisdom in another.
54. The papacy, to maintain orthodoxy, placed restrictions on which universities could teach theology.
55. Fry opposed the penal reformers' prevailing orthodoxy of solitary confinement.
56. Orthodoxy, by its very nature, disapproves of tampering with tradition.
57. A pillar of orthodoxy, he challenged the theological liberalism fashionable at the time.
58. The gradual assimilation of oppositional art into institutional orthodoxy represents one of the failed utopias of the modern period.
59. Far from hanging on to its radical credentials, abstract expressionism was seen by many to have sedimented into mainstream orthodoxy.
60. There were local differences between the practice of the different churches long after there was a semblance of conformity and orthodoxy.
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