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Nystagmus in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2017-09-19Updated:2017-09-19
Similar words: penny stockfunny storystalagmitestagstagystagemustardmustangMeaning: [nɪ'stægməs]  n. involuntary movements of the eyeballs; its presence or absence is used to diagnose a variety of neurological and visual disorders. 
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1. The nystagmus may have a vertical component.
2. Amongst these are glaucoma and nystagmus.
3. Congenital nystagmus starts soon after birth and is occasionally seen in an outpatient setting.
4. The nystagmus consists of coarse oscillations that remain in the horizontal plane, even on upward and downward movements of the eyes.
5. Downbeat nystagmus is a term used to describe nystagmus with fast-phase beating downward when the eyes are looking forward or down.
6. In the preponderance of cases, marked nystagmus is accompanied by a very uncomfortable feeling of vertigo. 3.
7. By convention, the direction of the nystagmus is said to be toward the side of the fast phase.
8. Nystagmus blockage syndrome ( Report of 3 cases ).
9. Perverted nystagmus pointed to central abnormality.
10. Recumbent animals exhibit opisthotonus, head tilt, strabismus and nystagmus.
11. Congenital nystagmus is frequently genetic.
12. Nystagmus causes the eyes uncontrollable manner, so that people condition cannot keep their eyes still.
13. Progresses to incoordination, tremors, nystagmus, head pressing, paralysis and convulsions.
14. The effects of Nystagmus can also be reduced by drugs.
15. Nystagmus,( irregular rapid movement of the eyes back and forth.
16. RESULTS: ENG recorded tow kinds of nystagmus waveform as saw tooth wave and pendulum waveformsinusoidal wave.
17. Both eyes look in the front direction without nystagmus or with slight nystagmus.
18. Sometimes crying soon after the seizure, attack mydriasis, nystagmus, sweating, pale or blue.
19. The results of optokinetic nystagmus (OKN) and eye tracking test (ETT) in 28 normal persons, 10 cases with peripheral vestibular lesion and 31 cases with intracranial lesion are analysed.
20. Patients with visual defects dating to birth or infancy may have a horizontal pendular nystagmus with equal oscillations in both directions.
21. The vertigo is less severe than that due to end-organ disease, and visual fixation inhibits neither the nystagmus nor the vertigo.
22. Even in healthy subjects the eyeball exhibits rapid, involuntary, oscillatory movements, a phenomenon called nystagmus.
23. Objective : To study the effect of monocular occlusion on amblyopia with latent nystagmus.
24. Direction reversal of HSN and VIN during follow-up suggests that lateralization of VNbased on the direction of these nystagmus should be considered in the context of disease phase.
25. So far it has not been understood what the causes of nystagmus are.
26. There was slight ptosis of the left eye, with no nystagmus, and no dysmetria on finger-to-nose or heel-to-shin testing.
27. AIM: To investigate the effect of botulin A (BTA) on patients with congenital nystagmus (CN)
28. Effects of cinnarizine on the REG power spectrum and nystagmus of rabbits during rotatory stimulation were studied.
29. Objective To assess quantitatively the therapeutic effects of surgical intervention on congenital nystagmus (CN) with electronystagmography.
30. Objective : To study the ultra - structure alterations of the extraocular muscles ( EOM ) in congenital nystagmus ( CN ) subjects .
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