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Negative electrode in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2021-04-20Updated:2021-04-20
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1, A pool of mercury surrounds the negative electrode.
2, The negative electrode of an electrolytic cell.
3, Cathode: The negative electrode of an electrolytic cell.
4, When Al alloy is used to be negative electrode, negative voltage produced more heat.
5, The results show that the negative electrode made of the coated alloy with 10%( w )Pd has better anti pulverization ability and longer circle life.
6, A space charge lens consisting of negative electrode and magnetic mirror isdescribed.
7, The remaining buffer cations are attracted to the negative electrode, dragging the bulk buffer solution with them.
8, This kind of material can be used as negative electrode material of diversified lithium ion battery widely, and as electrode material of capacitor.
9, The new separator relies on electrophoresis: different molecules are pulled off in different directions toward positive or negative electrodes.
10, Disclosed is a lithium ion capacitor comprising a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and an aprotic organic solvent solution of a lithium salt as an electrolyte solution.
11, The capacity of this electrode is much larger than that of the negative electrode to limit its depth of discharge.
12, It proved that the main reason of lapse of Ni-MH batteries after high-rate cycles is the fading of negative electrode alloy performance.
13, Hydrogen-storage alloy, alloy surface modifying method, cell and alkaline secondary cell negative electrode.
14, In proton exchange membrane fuel cells the membrane acts as an electrolyte, or medium, transporting protons from the positive to the negative electrode.
15, The protons eventually combine with the OH - ions from the negative electrode , and form water molecules again.
16, A high voltage between a pair of gridded electrodes accelerates positively charged ions toward the negative electrode.
17, Zinc oxide thin films, a high-quality semiconductor material,( electrode.html) can be used as a material of electrical transmission layer in negative electrode of the emission of thin films.
18, The property of PAN-based carbon fibers and carbon fiber cloth used as negative electrode of secondary lithium ion battery is reviewed.
19, Electrochemical battery cells, and more particularly, to cells comprising a lithium negative electrode and an iron disulfide positive electrode.
20, In the development of new working electrolyte for wet tantalum electrolytic capacitors, addition of depolarizer is adopted based on the theory of negative electrode capacitance and its effect.
21, The battery consists of the positive electrode plate , negative electrode plate, separator, electrolyte and case.
22, Negative active material for lithium secondary battery, method for preparing the same, negative electrode comprising the same, and lithium secondary battery comprising same.
23, Single-core armored thermoelectric casing has only one core with its positive and negative electrode insulated and armored for various situations.
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